Anyone know some good skyrim mods?

I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to figure out how to mod skyrim, and now that I finally have I realize that the two mods I have, winterweight and devourment (Both installed from nexus), seem to be made with women exclusively. I prefer men, so does anyone know any mods with expansionist content that can be used with male characters? Or additional mods to make the ones mentioned work for men? Don’t want to have had all that time spent learning to mod going to waste.

Well, you can try WeightMorphs with SAM Light (Though the fat bodies may not be for everyone’s liking). As if I remember properly WeightMorphs works with SAM Light though WeightMorphs is somewhat outdated according to some people. Also make sure to install the required mods listed in the descriptions in ordee to make it work properly.

Winterweight and Devourment both have male bodies. There is an install guide for Devourment (follow it exactly) and the only downside with Winterweight is that there is no stock morphs for male bodies and you have to make identify them yourself. Those are the two mods I use for weight gain in Skyrim. I am still trying to find a good physics engine for male bodies that is compatible with Devourment or even one that just has good belly physics.

The devourment discord is a great resource for all things vore and fat in Skyrim: Devourment Modding