Anyone know what happened to a game that used to be on here?

There was this game a while back that was about running this food shop type place. You could feed your employees and the people of the town would gain too. Anyone know what happened to it? I can’t seem to find it on this site.


Although a bit vague I believe your talking about a Japanese game called misekoya by not_shiranui. The game’s thread was closed due to the ages of characters featured in game.

It was a game about a young rich girl, her father wants her to learn how to run the family business within a year of her becoming an adult. So, you basically run a shop, fattening up your workers and this has an effect on some of the npcs in town as well.

The game featured an underage protagonist and another young girl, I think around 10+ that was abandoned on the street, that you were raising and she was also gaining weight like the rest of your employees under your management.


Though the underage girl thing is not cool, the concept does sound pretty neat. Shame I missed that one.

Ah yeah that’s the one I meant. Shame about the kid though that’s pretty gross. I was asking bc I’m thinking of making a somewhat similar game so I wanted to play through and see. Mine obviously won’t have kids in it tho so that may already be different enough :smile: