Anyone looking for an artist? Looking to collaborate

Wasn’t sure where exactly to put this.
I go by Cinnasticks on other platforms. I make 3D feederism/weightgain art (yes using daz), but I really try to push the limits of the technology and make extremely high-quality renders.

You can find a small smattering of my work on my deviantart.

I have been itching to do a game for a while now, but coding is not my forte. I do have a comic script I’m having written by a fetish writer (its only a few scenes in, but there is an outline that was created to guide the path for the full story) that could possibly be turned into a VN or dating sim but open to new projects too.

Anyone interested in collaborating on anything?


I’m a fan of your art, it’d be cool to see you attach to a VN that lacks art!


Hello Cinnasticks,

I’m Chum Beef and while I’ve yet to build a completed game by myself, I do have experience modding the code on other projects with Twine, Ren’py and RPG Maker. I’ve also been playing around with Godot in my spare time.

I’m currently working with Plus Size Studios as their lead writing editor and, as of recently, their part-time Twine coder for Love is the Way to my Heart, but I’d be willing to help you with your project too if you wanted to collaborate.

I have to say I am very impressed with what I’ve seen of your work on deviantArt. I don’t know how to make 3D art myself but have come to understand that Daz is particularly tricky at handling oversized characters, so it was very surprising to see how detailed and realistic they all look.

If you did want to make a Visual Novel/Dating Sim using Images or Short Movies, then I’d suggest using Ren’py to make your game. Twine is also a good option, but its primary strength is in text based stories with minimal visual elements.

I’m perfectly willing to work off of your game ideas, but I also have a few of my own over the years if you’re interested in hearing them.

If you are interested in working on a project together, feel free to send me a DM or you can also email me at


Hey Cinnasticks, i am a huge fan of your work, the recent no diet november is insanely good.
Having your art featured in a Weight Gain visual novel game sounds like a dream come true, i really hope this is the start of something amazing.

If i wasn’t the artist for my own game i would have tried to get you on board within a heartbeat.

And in case your thread goes nowhere and you don’t find anyone to work with, please message me and i will do everything i can to make something happen.


I would be more than happy to have you on one of my future projects, where can I find your rates for work?


My commission rates are pretty cheap for the quality, its only 35 per complete render (background, posing, shaping, concepting, post processing etc.), or for a short 2-3 image sequence with minimal detailing.

But really, I am not really interested in financial compensation, so long as 1) i can use some of the content i create for my patreon, and 2) if the game is getting funded by people interested in seeing it completed, through a patreon or subscribe star, at that point i would asked to be compensated for any assets specifically purchased for the game/ given a percentage of the take equal to my input. So, for instance, If i end up doing ui/graphic design and art for the game, but you handle scripting, editing, and coding, i’d ask for only 2/5s the earning and seeing you get the remainder. I am not picky. i am interested in doing this because i think it would be a fun unique challenge, nkt necessarily for financial gain.

Keep in mind all of this is negotiable, and i feel like i am pretty amenable to fair compensation for work input.


High praise, thank you! I am always interested to hear from people in terms of collaboration. So please do keep me in mind


Your art is fantastic! Been actively following no diet november! If you’re ever interested, I would love to work together on a project!


hit me up and we can talk about ideas

where would be the best place to contact you via DMs?

Feel free to dm me here to start the convo. If we can line up on the project we can move over to like discord or something