anyone looking to play with someone, preferably without too many other mods

ive been asking around sending messages to people for this reason, but i havent found anyone, so i made this topic, if this breaks the rules im sorry, but ive become a bit hopeless

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I would…but I have over 100 mods and it’d be hell to sort through sadly.

got too many mods lad

Just bear with it, doubt that someone else is going to make another server
Its your best bet

i don’t exactly mean a server, i mean like the easier multiplayer option

For all those with “too many mods”: I stumbled across MultiBound a while back. It lets you set up multiple “profiles” with different mod selections. I use it myself to separate my mod testing from the server stuff. A little warning: While it can load Steam Workshop mods (either all, with a blacklist, or a selected whitelist), the Steam overlay and consequently playtime and achievement recording aren’t working.

I’m down if you’re still looking.

cool, should i message you my steam id?

yeah and here is filler for 20 character minimum

I’m also super down to play w/anyone, willing to filter out any mods I have for compatibility, just hmu for my steam

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also totally willing to slut myself out for someone to play w/who’s also into vore oops

I tend to play with purely the bigfatties mod + the avali since i also grabbed the blobavali and stuffed belly fixes for them from the mod fatties thread, if youre interested in playing

I’d be down to play. I’m quite new to starbound in general so I don’t have many mods.
(Apart from the ones required to join the server here but it doesn’t seem to be working)

Feel free to post a server with the bigfatties, and the mini mods associated with it - Jelly slimes, expanding clothes, frackin enemies, etc and I’ll join.

I’ve been lurking here and decided to make an account to ask why there isn’t one up yet. lol