anyone remember this game?


I remember that game. I feel like more could be done with this concept.

I remember it, too. So glad Sega didn’t DMCA it like Nintendo did with Pokemon WG Version.

I was never a fan of platform games (apart from Imposible Mission on the Commodore 64… damn, that game was tough. Good though!), but this might have changed my mind :slight_smile:

If anyone’s interested in a similar mod for Sonic Mania, here’s are some links to Amy XL:

Sonic Mania Plus ver.: [NSFW] Amy Mania XL Plus [Sonic Mania] [Mods]

Sonic Mania vanilla: Amy Non Plus by Eishiban on DeviantArt

It doesn’t feature weight gain like the hack of sonic 2 does (just one static size), but it is very well done.

Nice. Maybe someone could make a Sonic 1 XL ROM Hack one day…

Oh, that reminds me that someone is working on a Sonic Mania XL hack.

id rather have a sonic 3 xl with tails