Apocalypse XL - Stuffing Focused RPG, postapocalypse college / city setting - 0.15 "Dance Party"

does anyone have a save file before the most recent content

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Wow, Rachel’s awful.

Looking forward to the next time she pops up!

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save.zip (338.1 KB)
File 18

Finished the game a little while back, absolutely loved it. Fetish bits were great, for sure, but I think the characters and writing is where it really shone. Amber, Rachel, Jay and Tay might have been my favourites, but everyone gets their chance to shine. The humor is excellent, as good as Some Bullshit but with a distinctly different flavour to it which I like. And I gotta comment on the heavier themes and how well they’re tackled. Would have never expected that from a game like this. You even made the combat and all the enemies cool and fun, love that too. No one plays these games for the combat, but despite that combat is still handled great. That all said, I’m definitely gonna keep on following this game and am already excited for more.


New update on Patreon. School dance with fun dresses and Keith twerking and our girls eating a buttload of shrimp.


save.zip (340.4 KB)
Here’s my save folder. save 18 is the latest update.

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Super excited! By the way, the Halloween update got me to read Homestuck for the first time. Currently on Act 4!


Apocalypse XL v0.15.1 “Dance Party”

Continues the main story.

  • School dance! Put on some cool dresses and watch your favorite bunch of weirdos bust some moves.
  • Amber desperately needs to play matchmaker. Everyone sucks at flirting.
  • Eat all of the shrimp.
  • Featuring the Slime Baby.
  • Added toggles for certain content you might not want to see.

To transfer your save, open the “www” folder in your previous instillation, and copy the “save” folder into the new version’s “www” folder.

As always, please let me know if you run into any bugs. Thank you all for your support!

Download on Itch:

Join my Patreon for perks such as early releases and HD art files:

Join the Discord server to discuss the game:

To transfer your save, open the “www” folder in your previous instillation, and copy the “save” folder into the new version’s “www” folder. Note that saves from the “demo” version aren’t compatible with the full game. (If you want to skip the section in the demo, enter 8762 in the ATM.)

Please let me know if you find any bugs :wink:


Just finish this new update and by the most hilarious one yet along with being the most impressive with the animation work too!

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I am having trouble with my saves. When I transfered my save files from 14.1 to 15.1 I am unable to overwrite any of my saves within the new update.

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Can you not save on an empty slot?

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just tried that and still doesnt work

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maybe try and find someone else’s save somewhere in this thread. You might have to replay some content, but it might work.

I’d give you mine, but I’m already done with the new content.

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well this was a fun update because I love that amber is the best wingman I guess because she know how both men and women think also it is cute that Janet now has a boyfriend and the both of them are cute together I guess this update is more of a filler one but it was very good filler.

Also this is going stuck in my head for a bit.


I have returned. And I’m making music references now.

Act 2 Prologue: Celebrating Yet Another Birthday Bash.
This is a pretty unremarkable beginning, but sets the tone of Act 2 perfectly. Amber finds out she misjudged which one of her girlfriends is the bottom, and then her transphobic dad attacks. Amber struggles with this new threat, before deciding she’s just too cool for it. This isn’t complex, but it’s a good way of showing things are ESCALATING. Every one of these chapters build on things in some way, including…

Chapter 1: It’s Tough To Be A God.

Amber has discovered a cult that believes she could eat and overthrow God. I mean, if anyone could… However, they’re kind of jerks, and start feeding Amber past her limit. Yes, she has one of those. Janet has to say the day, and has to get past the hardest enemy in the game: SECURITY CULTIST NUMBER 4. Their spinning technique is impressive, but Janet beats it. Then you have one of the most creative boss fights in the game, as you fight all the cultists as Beeg Amber. Each one has a different strategy that adds to the fight, from Pink’s massive HP, to Red’s buffs, to Shadow’s immunity to most attacks. But every time you take one down, the battle gets easier, until you finally win. I also find it really funny how Cat joins the party several times, but is not playable for some reason. Then we get the sliding Amber puzzle, which was the first RPG-style puzzle that I fully accepted. It was decently hard, but also really funny, and that’s all that matters.

If Act 2 had a subtitle, it would be Expansion. Partially for funny wordplay reasons, but partially because these later scenarios keep growing the aspects we’ve already set up. New antagonists, new character developments, and many more new belly moments continue to make this game one of the best I’ve ever played, both as a vore game, and on its own merits.

That worked, thank you! I guess my saves got corrupted somehow.

Love the latest update! Especially full of funny moments, like Cat writing Yang and Blake fanfic and Amber doing the gender reveal But it was also full of cute relationship moments mainly the new couples forming, the sibling bonding, and the Cat sandwich. I want to be a Cat sandwich

Can’t wait to see wat Keith and Someone (I.E. You) have in store!

New update on Patreon! Three new sidequests for Jay, Taylor, and Madison.


The secret ingredient is crime.

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