Apostles (Latest Update 0.10: July 2023)

Heyo Waxe! Been away for a bit, so I was so pleasantly surprised to see a new update! Great job as always!

Whilst there wasn’t much fetish stuff for my particular tastes (although I did enjoy Sam’s badonkadonk reveal!), the world building and character development of Gretel in particular makes this new update a blast to play! The Cynthia parts were very unnerving, but I suppose that’s the point (I will also now be conditioned to be creeped out when I hear Another Love playing haha)

I also really enjoyed taking Greg’s perspective for a good chunk of it - we know how the villagers react to outsiders, so this was a good way to see how the villagers react to one of their own, and the Thomas reunion was very cute.

I do hope we get to see more of Greg, just for pure character exploration reasons rather than any kink. He really adds a new dimension to the townfolk. The confession scene in particular was very well written, and even though I felt sorry for Ezzy, I can definitely see where Greg is coming from as a concerned and probably confused dad.

Speaking of Ezekiel, I do hope we get to see more of him in the next update. It would be interesting to contrast his perspective of the war with Greg and Thomas’ more jaded and cynical viewpoints. Plus, his design is fun! And hey, if Greg and Pamela request the Apostles to help prevent their son from going back to the frontlines, I’m sure someone like L would have her own unique ways of persuading him - you can’t go back to playing soldier if you can’t fit out of the front door, just saying! :3

Speaking of belly stuff, I did miss seeing my favourite Beastial siblings, especially my favourite character Mauve, but I’m glad that they had a throwaway reference from Gretel musing about her abilities. Now that L is off doing some sneaky activities with the Saviours, I wonder who is in charge of looking after them for now. Might be interesting to see how the other Apostles handle Hog and Sow husbandry!

I do like that the update leaves us in the room where we can freely observe all the characters’ weights. Speaking of which, will we be getting Greg, Ezekiel and Jim in the observation room? On that note, I kinda wish the trio had more banter in the observation room like in the earlier update, for example when Sebas and L were getting competitive over which sibling had been fattened up more. However, we do get all your wonderful developer notes in the gallery, so that’s a fun compromise haha

Congratulations with this update, Waxe! You did a phenomenal job! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

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That explains why Cynthia had 263 pairs of twins. It also adds another dimension to Sebastion trying to stop his wife from dying. I don’t know whether it was because he knew about becoming an Apostle and feared it, if Cynthia killed her (slowly) to make Sebas an Apostle, or if there’s some other reason, but I’m certain that it played a part in his need to save her somehow.

I have a problem with saving too much while playing RPGMaker games, but this time it worked out in my favor because it let me notice that Gretel’s level continuously dropped throughout the update as she ate more and more food. This implies to me that the Apostles reverse level as they fall further into their respective sin, reaching level 1 when they have gone too far to turn back.

I’d also like to drop my appreciation for the title card. I opened the game up again to look through the sprite room and got a better look at it. I especially like what was done with L’s reflection because her face being scratched out represented her absence from the update, that fact that she isn’t hiding anything, AND the fact that as a shapeshifter, she doesn’t have a real face.

I’ll cap off my ramblings by asking something I’ve been curious about for a while. Have you ever requested something that cj refused to do for content reasons?

Welcome back! Glad to have you around for the newest Apostle update! Sorry if there wasn’t too much in the way of content for you this time around. Besides big ol Jacob, there wasn’t much boy content this time around. Happy you enjoyed the Sam reveal, I did quite enjoy that one as well! Though next time we may just see some gains from the front as well.

I did at one point intend for this to be a Lily and Gretel section, with the Lily sections covering more story with Mauve, but ultimately I decided to split the two up. So it was all Gretel this time, but all Lily will be in story for next update! Which will include plenty of time for Mauve fun! (With a possible joining of another lucky man.)

Happy to hear Greg came across well! It’s sometimes hard to add a ‘new’ character who is meant to be friends with everyone, as that can come off as someone being unnaturally good. As for seeing more of Greg, we went through most of his planned content in Auburnwoods in 0.10 and he will soon need to return to the front, where we will continue the war storyline with Ezzy and Jim. I can neither confirm nor deny any weight gain from them!

On the subject of the observation room, the three men at war don’t have their own dedicated room just yet, as they don’t have many sprites. But if that changes they will get their own room.
As for more group comments in the room, not a bad idea!

Thanks for the playthrough, hope you enjoy the next Apostles update and the first release of my cyberpunk themed game!

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Dang! Didn’t think anyone would connect the dots on that one so quickly, but if you are implying what you think you are implying, then you are right!

The loss of level actually isn’t so much from Gretel giving into Gluttony, as it is her just getting fat and out of shape. As she said during the walk to Sam’s cave, she is no longer as fast or as strong as she used to be. If you check her exact stats, Gretel’s attack power and agility have dropped with each level. Her magic however, has stayed the same. As has her defense stats.

So while Gretel becoming a better Apostle of Gluttony is losing her levels, that isn’t the standard for all Apostles. Wrath for example wouldn’t be level 1, neither would envy or pride. Lily is low level because she’s never been in a proper fight, and can breeze through conflict with her voice. And Sebastian just is naturally bad at combat, as seen with his failure to hit the targets when he practiced with Heather last update.

All credit goes to CJ! He nailed the idea I had for it, and did it even better then i had in my head.

Not really! The closest would be a scene in slob Heather. Originally we wouldn’t fade to black before Heather messed herself on the floor of the inn. CJ said he’d do it if I really wanted to, but preferred not to if it was an option.

CJ has been extremely flexible with the absurd requests I make of him for sprites, and brings his A game even for sprites he doesn’t care for. Like the Mrs. Pupper Kupper’s sprites. I’m very lucky to work with him as I consider him the best sprite guy all around!

In a slightly similar vein, there was a sprite I was thinking of asking for, but ended up changing my plans on it. Originally I thought it would be fitting for during Sebastian’s time passed between the elven courts that he’d be depicted as a chubbier fat kid. In my head it worked well in a story sense, as he was meant to be a spoiled brat who got every toy and luxury he asked for. And also I thought it’d be funny XD.

But then I realized it might come across as trying to fetishize young Sebastian. (Which would be a fair mistaken assumption to make in a game about weight gain fetishes) So I erred on the side of caution and just kept Sebastian normal sized.


I was implying that Cynthia was attempting to make an Apostle with the twins. I probably would have caught that sooner, but it’s been over a year and a half since I saw content from before 7.0 and I’ve forgotten many smaller details. That also makes sense about Gretel, I guess that I was just trying a little too hard to find a major plot detail. I might be doing that again, but I noticed you mentioned every Apostle except Greed, and when Sebastion was telling Heather about the Apostles in an earlier update, I believe that only 6 were shown…

I don’t know how we somehow managed to get more than one person to work on a game like this, but damn do you and cj make a great team! Along with anyone else that works on this game whose names I should probably learn.

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Then your implying is right! Yes, lady Cynthia specifically birthed twins during that time, so they’d have someone to love and then lose. A very Cynthia type of evil plan!

I’d give a level for Greed, but in their case it varies quite a bit. That said…you are on to something with there being something ‘off’ with the number of Apostles. When the parody Apostles were shown, there was only 6 of them, instead of 7.

Thanks! And I like to think the same!

As for the others on the team:

Proofreader and Playtester “Logitechk1” logitechk1 - Hobbyist, Writer | DeviantArt (Also has some GREAT stories, so check those out!)

Proofreader, Playtester, and Story Help “Resop” (Helped write the pink haired elf character, WHO WILL FACE LILY’S WRATH SOON!)

Lots of spelling and grammer help in early updates- laptopsuc4

Spelling and Grammer fixes, “Erronwolf” BIG THANKS for you help on 0.1-0.3

Spelling and Grammer help- Juxtaterrestrial, check out their game- Myre’s Massive Mealtime - a stuffing game (v0.37 now with android)

PlayTester “Elric1968” fellow love of big butts

Playtester “Weiss Draconis” Sophia number 1 fan!

PlayTester- qwerty2999 Helped make Betty and Reggy

Playtester “Cggo” Heather Number 1 fan!

Something executive- “LazerCamel” And a big thank you to all his help in music and in brainstorming! And check out their game- Fattaker - A Fatty Remake of Helltaker (Directors Cut Update On Hiatus)

Playtester “SirBunnyMan” Helped me more times then I can count with than/then grammar mistakes.

Playtester- “Nerds1” Check out his game Some Bullshit - Stuffing Focused RPG Maker Game


Started to play the update yesterday and I really like the new starting menu , giving us a small extra detail to the 3 main characters. And wow , Bel sure got softer in both ways. My favorite charcater Thomas as cunning as I thought he’d be and some nice surprise on Sam aswell. I think my most favorite part so far was whenever the scenery switched over to Sebastian and the one whose name I forgot and suddenly these songs played. I mean , poor Sebas but I couldnt help but giggle when I heard these songs. I will see what else this update brings as I didnt spoil myself by ignoring the reviews and messages on this forum

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Do you think some kind of plot synopsis or a plot overview would be too much to ask for? I do enjoy this game, but some of the references and connections fall through the cracks in my memories over the course of waiting for the next update.

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All praise goes to the great CJ for the starting menu art! He did a great job with it!

Happy to hear that many of the characters shown in the update were fun to interact with. Bel has become softer and more accepting of the changes that come with the Niss, while Thomas has gotten more hardened and suspicious of the changes the Niss have brought.

Meanwhile Sam being a bit ‘headstrong’ would never directly accept the Niss if it was offered to her directly. So it’s only fitting that when Sebastian is distracted with Cynthia that Sam ends up putting on quite a bit of weight on her own accord!

And I am very, very happy to hear you enjoyed the Cynthia and Sebastian sections! I was quite worried that they would ruin the more light hearted sections with Gretel, or the music would be too off-putting. But I was wrong on both counts, as many have said they enjoyed those sections! I’m happy to be wrong!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the update!

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Possible one day, but not something I would be able to put together just yet.

Ok, more plot ramblings.

Penny mentions the Tuvires as Number 2 in her most powerful people list. Makes sense since they’re gods (I’m taking Cynthia’s explanation of them as true because there’s nothing that contradicts it).

[spoiler]She does not mention the Niss. This is despite them presumably being of a similar power level and having 3 of the top 10 serving them. The Niss are dead, arent they?

There’s also the fact that at least two of the Apostles pray for a nicer rest with the Niss when they know damn well that’s not how it works.[/spoiler]

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For spoiler reasons I will keep my own answers secret for the first part of your question!

But for the second, when they pray for a nicer or better rest with the Niss, it is spoken as a hope. They know well that where the dead go…is not a nice place. But they pray that through their work, perhaps one day the dead can finally rest in actual peace.

I believe you know the meme “Inside you are two wolves” This is also the case on me and I be honest with you chief. One of them is like: “Hell yeah ! Get em all fat and obese and make em huge” kinda a Lilly Persona and a bit of the mad Gretel that said to just fatten everyone up and leave within a month or so. The second wolf is the reasonable one who is trying to study and process whats happening and thus it makes me hard which side I should be on since Cynthia is really crazy or at least says crazy things. I didnt mind the scenes with Sebastian and Cynthia after Gretel visited the others. Made me ponder what is actually going on with Sebastian. Aswell as when Gretel was in the cave and looked at Sebastian when he was sleeping. Sebastian himself seems to be hiding quite a lot towards Gretel and Lilly. Lilly herself seems to know the least about things. I also take into account that the people are technically being fattened up against their will but slowly convert ans start to accept it.

So I will play the rest soon , collect my thoughts and keep on pondering while keeping my excitement up for future updates , how the story progresses and how people grow

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Haha, that’s an interesting analogy of yourself! Hopefully both wolves get well fed by the contents that is to come!

Since the next update will be a Lilly update , will it be more on the extreme when it comes to language and things that happen ? Similar to the Heather “dream” which Lilly narrated ? Or will you make a…lets say “clean” version and a more “naughty” version in which some stuff changes ? I faintly remember a big discussion that happened after the Heather and Cynthia parts of that one update


@Markava123JD It’ll all be one big “Lily” version of an update. Except some wholesome fun with the girls at the inn…and some of her usual style of play with Mauve. While Lily is a particular brand of fetish that is not for all, I’m satisfied with how her character is developing and won’t make any radical course corrections for her.

Temmie Egg GIF - Temmie Egg Undertale - Discover & Share GIFs

WELP!!! Looks like the update dropped!!! The excitement is palpable lol. Also the new projects looks really interesting :D, excited to learn more. Also, I’ll just batch update so it doesn’t hit the hard limit like last time lol.

E1: Okay…Jean Luc is a precious bean, js.
E2: I BET Lilith has a way with words alright ;3
E3: AYO!! Dropping the R-Word ain’t cool lady! Gretel is bestest daughter!
E4: Insulting the perfection that is Penny is punishable by death, fyi.
E5: Can we get the name of the song everyone is trying to sing?
E6: Gretel, 100% same on the mom thing lol
E7: Only in a platonic way hmm, Sebs??? Hmmm?!
E9: Thomas and his MC Energy I swear to fuck lol. Also Bel is too cute in this update.
E10: Autumn represented in the town is just so pretty looking color palette wise (or I think it’s autumn??)
E11: Bel and Maya’s interaction is freaking priceless! Also Jacob is giving me vibezzz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_3oYmtcq7c
E12: The power of Gretel’s snacks are temptation incarnate. I do love the realism of Bel mentally taking in the changes but also being too weak to really resist. It’s a nice touch.
E13: Is anyone else just literally obsessed with the idea of Greg and Pamela’s sex life?? Like, they are just so cute!
E15: I’m probably way off…but doesn’t Greg look a little like Ed and Al??? Like, just a little?
E16: Living for the sly way Maya gives Jacob her food :3c, I wonder who would win if Jacob and Gretel would get into a eating contest once he’s big enough I mean
E17: The town meeting planning section is such a nice touch of realism. It feels like they are changing and developing so much more together and it feels like the world is expanding naturally. I like how you also interlaced the lore of Sebs and Gretel into the story here. I hope we get to see more religious angles, especially if there they develop traditions explicitly to make people gain lol
E18: I hope Bel’s insights help Gretel. Moreso, I think she may be a good parallel partner for Gretel to heal from since she does have a unique perspective of loss similar to Gretel.
E19: Okay but when Jacob turned around for the ceremony, DEAR GOOODDDD He has entirely too much ass tbh XD, His sprite is THICCC one cheek is literally the same size of all of Maya. She needs to be careful when he decides to sit XD.
E20: Okay, I absolutely love the dialogue between Gretel and Greg during the grave section. I enjoy the expounded upon lore, it makes Greg feel so much more dimensional. Also Mac “Fastfingers” O’Malley is hands down my favorite tomb entry. The morbid humor is well done.
E21: Gretel’s walk cycle being a bit more plodding is :heart_eyes: it’s subtle and simple but sexy nonetheless.
E22: Lily’s Tic-Tac-Toe is amazing, the little delinquent lol
E23: Having Sophia turn around when you offer to help with the buckets of water… :hot_face: Heather may have a rival soon lol…Greg’s reaction is priceless, he saved himself in the most unconvincing manner lol. I bet he would LOVE to give her a horseback ride now :smirk:
E24: Screenshot 2023-08-20 201135 OKAY FIRST OF ALL!!! WHO! IS! ON! TOP!!! INEEDTOKNOWDAMNIT!!!
E25: The God know as WaxeRed has answered this filthy sinner’s prayers, I am not worthy!!! :tired_face: m(_ _)m
E26: Maya OMFG!!!
E27: Okay Maya and Jacob!!! Just, yes! I am a sucker for couples lol
E28: Vacob XD
E29: Public displays of gluttony are freaking awesome, especially on vacation so the pressure of being around people you know is lessened. To be honest Maya becoming a gluttony goblin is the absolute best developments ever. Dom softboi Jacob is also a bonus lol
E30: E19 came true. omg!
E31: The person who makes the sprites…bless you you kind soul
E32: SEBS! Didn’t you learn to never take candy from strangers?! Also I work where I hear little kids songs all day, so the song gave me mad PTSD lol I thought I was hallucinating for a second there.
E33: The way Greg broke Fresha makes me hope he doesn’t die or something later
E34: Okay so Greg use to be with Fresha…does this mean she hates Pam?? Also, she needs a good lay to be honest so the breast inflation is a good start
E35: Okay, first off!!!
Screenshot 2023-08-20 235004
This picture scared the actual ass off of me! Like, omfg!!! Im actually dead right now! Second good Jesus FUCK! REMOVE THE BLANKET PLEASE!!! I BEG!
E36: Okay wow, Dina…just…wow. I mean…girl…come on. He JUST got back and has been seeing Pam. That harem is picking up steam quickly lol.
E37: Sebs being tortured saddens me. I understand he has to make concessions but its still sad. But the fact Cynthia thinks he loves her is like, weird? She’s deranged but like…does she actually believe this??
E38: Penny and Gretel hanging out AAAAAAAA!!! :melting_face: Penny only having 250 on Gretel is laughable but if she wants to get weighed or needs a bit more by all means!!! OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!

This made me laugh harder than it should XD
E40: I love Penny’s music, and rainbow hair, and cute clown nose, and just everything!!! She’s bestest girl, bugs included Spiders aren’t bugs so they don’t get to come :frowning:
E41: Byzantium playing patty cake with a stripper needs to be engraved on a plaque someplace. Memorialized in time
E42: Big-headed Byzantium. Perfect alliteration, fated even.
E43: I love the white spider bet proctor lady, just hate the spider part :((
E44: So if you can gamble fat onto a person from another…does Penny just lose on purpose? I mean, I’d love watching her lose tbh lol Also if she and the bug are an item…I’d pay to watch regardless if she’s a spider :(((
E45: I’m sorry but Ed?? Al???'s crying face is funny, poor babby
Screenshot 2023-08-21 002638

E46: They don’t even question why Lily was there or why she’s a cum-bomb XD
E48: Since Cythnia hurt Penny I propose we rip her apart molecularly while strapped to the surface of a sun for all eternity :confused:
E49: MS Paint Sebastian :paintbrush:
Screenshot 2023-08-21 003559

E50: Family lineage discovered! :star_struck:
E51: Steph calling Gretel a heretic is bad vibes babe. Like damn, did the past stuffing really mean nothing Steph?? I even let you win!
E52: Ivo’s a bit shit, js.
E53: Dana, I feel for her the most. :frowning:
E54: Okay, Dana’s section was too real, kudos
E55: Okay…Cythnia is a pedo too! Omg sis! Get tf outta here with your nonsense
E56: The aglet is the little bindy bit of the shoe…Phineas and Ferb taught this…Cynthia is insane like for real
E57: Cynthia has officially ruined roleplay- forever.
E58: WHO THE FUCK STARTS “IF YOUR HAPPY AND YOU KNOW IT” IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SONG!!! AAAAAAAAA!!! I feel like Cynthia makes literally everyone take psychic damage just by speaking.
E59: Finally visiting Bel and Thomas last feels the best sequence wise. I absolutely love saving favorites for last, as the anticipation is perfect. Thomas is just so interesting and I’d love to know how his PTSD affects him in regards to the Niss.
E60: That greeting! OMG Sprite guy. These little animations are amazing! There is just so much life in this update! :smiley:
E61: Upon noticing Thomas’s face, I thought he was like way older than Greg. Like his face is aged and scarred so badly, poor babby.
E62: Greg clapping back on Thomas for the fat shaming
E63: The idea of everyone falling through the void because Gretel got to fat to magic is too captivating for me to even exist right now
E64: I hope Greg will get the “Let people get fat” bug and help out poor Pamela lol
E65: Sam calling out Gretel’s fat fetish is kinkshaming 100% my God lol
E66: Sam: Gretel and Sebastian, resident Creepsters! :wink:
Screenshot 2023-08-21 023059
Sam should add Greg to the creepster list!

E68: This game makes me hungry lol
E69: Tfw you think Gretel is about to see her dead mom in Sebs during the cave scene :face_with_peeking_eye:
E70: Greg’s confession felt very natural and well-placed. He feels more believable as time marches forward
E71: I feel like Jim or Ezk is going to die soon :(( I hope not
E72: The confessions are getting deep D:

E74: Stinky poo-poo head. Nice. :+1:
E75: Gretel wanting Sebs to see her being a lazy glutton is pure perfection
E76: Yea girl, you tell that sword who’s boss lol
E77: The Dina Update at the end:

Kudos, this update was excellent like all the others. It expounded well on the wider world. The raunchy bits were a bit:

But hey! Survived lol. Please keep up the great work :smiley:


Much like last time, I’m very much enjoying your live reactions! And will respond to them all in due time.
(That said I was quite excited to see E19, knowing what would come next. And E30 did not disappoint!)

E1: Glad you think so! He’s kind of a subversion for my own common trope of a character. Most of the century old + characters have: dark sins of the past, hidden connections with other characters, possibly evil master plans in the works. IE Cynthia, Clair the Black, Sebastian.
Jean-Luc breaks that trope. He is among the very oldest of the cast and he has no real hidden secrets of schemes. Guy’s just happy the be there!
E2: She may indeed…
E3: Even better then Penny!? A worthy debate!
E4: Best Bug Girl
E5: Hmmmm, how about Nursery Niss Rhymes & Rhythm?

E6: Everybody hates Lady Cynthia. Can’t imagine why…
E7: Super Platonic! At least while she has a smaller ass than Heather.
E8: Gotta get the hugs in! Gretel needed it…and Sebastian needs it too this update :frowning:
E9: Thomas is of course really an isekia into the Apostle world.
E10: It’s actually mid spring! The trees are “Auburn” for the sake of the name making sense. (Which I nearly didn’t do mind you. When the map changed to spring I made the trees normal green, then realized that didn’t really fit!)

E11: Glad you liked Bel and Maya’s gentle teasing. Maya and Bel have been friends since growing up. I tried to make the town have its own inner connections not related to missionaries, so as to make it more real. And that song is so perfect for Jacob XD. Maya sings it to him every night now.
E12: The power of the symbol of Gluttony is growing! (As is everyone’s waistlines!)
E13: lol, might just get a closer look next update. It will be the Lily update, so sex will be a given.
E14: The Lily silly infection has gotten to her!
E15: You are in fact, way close! As you may have seen later Greg is the Cousin to Ed… or Al.

E16: That day will come!
E17: Thank you very much! It was one of those sections that was meant to be just a quick bit of dialogue before we got back to the feeding stuff, but the conversation just kept going and going and going. And I am very happy with the result! It’s not just all about food and fattening with the group, they do want to help these people, and to make them more self sufficient once their year in Auburnwoods is up. Not sure when I’ll show another sermon for the Niss, but I hope this one won’t be the last!
E18: Yes, they can be good mutual supports. And mutual gainers as well!
E19: Oh she is careful when he sits. Careful to make sure she is right under him! (And also there are far fewer boy gainers in town, so I try to make the most of the ones I got!)
E20: Thanks! I usually update the graveyard whenever the party has someone in town with them, and they give their own input on events. Helps flesh out the background of the town before the 3 came to it.
As for Mac "Fastfingers O’Malley, he’s really the Rhaegar Targaryen of the story. Already killed before the story actually starts. To some a brave hero! To others…some old pervert who used to hang around the inn.

E21: Having Gretel get a slightly bigger and more bloated sprite after every other house was one of my betters creative choices! And some of CJ’s best work!
E22: That’ll teach em to keep her waiting!
E23: Just wait until you see her sprite for next update!
E24: Depends if Maya is in the mood to grind against her hubby’s belly, or get crushed by his holy big butt!
E25: The Niss has blessed ye

E26: Not sure what that refers to specifically, since it applies to pretty much everything Maya does behind close doors. Giving Lily a run for her money on being a fat loving horny freak. And she isn’t even an Apostle of lust!
E27: Glad you find them so cute! I very much enjoy writing there scenes (and already have 2 more written out for later use!)
E28: One of my better jokes. Maya and Jacob are both goofballs at heart.
E29: Thanks! I wanted to have them slowly try things out and find what fit them best in their new feeder/feede relationship.
E30: Glad CJ could bring your dreams (and mine) to life!

E30: All credit goes to CJ!
E32: Yes, I wonder why Sebastian’s mother never told him not to take candy from stranger…oh wait :frowning: . Glad the unexpected Children’s song caught you off guard! The track suddenly shifting off the normal steady song heard in that room, to Cynthia’s whacky random songs, was to show her now in control of the situation in that room.
E33 Time (and my cruel whims) will tell!
E34: Nah, she doesn’t hate Pam. It was an honest break up 20 years past. As for her breast inflation…
E35: CJ went extreme with the face, but I hardly disapprove! As for you wish to see her without the blanket, perhaps a kind L Pixie may grant said wish later…

E36: Greg’s just got so much style, the girls can’t get enough!
E37: True love knows no limits!
E38: Glad you like the cute bonding between growing half sisters.
E39: Thanks, gave me a good chuckle myself when I saw it.
E40: Thank you! She is among my own favorite of side characters! And she seems to have quite the cult following fanclub among the players, so I’ll be sure to have her make regular enough appearances! And her control of spiders is like Aqua man’s control of Whales. It’s close enough!

E41: Lily is already workin on it!
E42: Heh-Heh, face go bwump.
E43: You mean the CUTE white spider bet proctor lady!
E44: Penny doesn’t much gamble herself, just provides the venue for others to do so. Her fat is from all natural snacking!
E45: lol.

E46: It’s been a rough day for em. XD
E47: Cleary that was just a regulars game of patty cake, and nothing else!
E48: But in Lady Cynthia’s defense…she has a lot of funky music!
E49: All credit goes to CJ ME! I did that one! As is clear by the quality!
E50: Ol lady Cynthia spawned a whole buncha twins! Wonder how she managed so many births in a short time…

E51: Now it’s a term of endearment!
E52: Yeah, but he ate a LOOOT of eggs!
E53: A bit of rain must fall, even in the happiest of updates.
E54: Thank you.
E55: Yeah but…at least she uhhhhh…has a nice smile!

E56: I wondered if anyone would notice that silly bit of her already nonsense ‘backstory’.
E57: Lily will need to work hard to bring you back around to the joys of roleplay!
E58: That’s the idea! Thanks!
E59: Glad to know the boy’s have such fans!
E60: I asked CJ for a bro hug, and he did his best work ever!

E61Thomas is actually younger then Greg. It’s just the stress and the wounds that make him look older than he is.
E62- Gotta protect his wife’s honor, and her belly!
E63- Don’t worry, she’s still got her magic mojo! It’d be far to cruel if getting fat meant she could no longer just summon food to hersel!
E64: Assuming he doesn’t already have it…
E65- Kinkshaming the person who has no kinks, what a twist!
E66- To be fair…she ain’t wrong! Just forgot to add Lily to the list.

E-67 I do love that sprite from Sam. I asked CJ to make the amount of ASS she was hiding from the front to be slightly comically impossible, and he delivered it better then I could have expected! As is his style.
E68 ~ The Niss are spreading even from within the computer!
E69- Heh. 69.
E70- Greg and Sam have a deeper connection then was shown in this update, but it will be explored sooner or later!

ESeventyone- WE SHALL SEE!!!
E72: Yeah, Greg lets it all off his chest. He’d been holding it in for a long time.
E73 & E74: These two ancient elves of extreme power and cunning are not above playground level insults to each other.
E75: Her Gluttony can’t be stopped! Will Sebastian and Lily be able to resist, or succumb!?
E76: That sword has been a hidden secret for Apostles for awhile! (Though it has been shown before that should give a big clue as to what it is!) But you’ll see the purpose behind it soon.
E77: Lily might have only had 30 seconds in this update, but she’s still got the player’s backsa!

Thank you so, so much for such detailed feedback on every part! I very much enjoyed seeing all your reactions, and I’m glad all the saucy bits didn’t kill ya just yet! But if you thought the sex was heavy this time, the Gretel update will hit you harder then a rouge truck!

Though it will be a bit of a longer wait for that one, as Project Atlas has been my focus all month! Progress is going good there, and hopefully I can post a big teaser for it here by the start of next month. So stay tuned!


E50: Ol lady Cynthia spawned a whole buncha twins! Wonder how she managed so many births in a short time…

if she carried them all at once, would they still be sets of twins?


They were not all at once. Each set of twins was its own pregnancy, with a different father each time. Lady Cynthia was living that big boy harem life.