AHHHHHHHH. There’s always something, I left that start in as I was testing new content. I’ll put up a fix sorry.

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I got the same problem, when I start a new game I cannot move at all

The mega link had been updated now to fix the start bug, sorry about that!

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Is there any way to get past the gargoyle?

Not yet, but nice work getting that far!


I have to said I am like this game and the idea it is a dark story with Characters that are not Black and white but more of a Dark grey and that they are so mysterious that I WANT to more about them and also I am scared about what I would find out but the game need some more game play and mini games like the cooking game between the walls of text and more showing the characters gain weight then telling us about it, do not get me wrong I love how detail this game gets about the Fetish it is like reading a good novel but I need a bit of a break before going in to more text.

But still I love this game in fact it is in my top five games I have played on this site 8/10.


Pluging away at the game bit by bit! But fyi with anyone else who likes this kind of thing, Steam sale includes RPGMAKER MV on sale for anyone who wants to give game makin a go!


I’ve been delaying sharing my thoughts on this project because I didn’t want to bump up the post and give others false hope for an update so I decided to hold back until I saw you, @WaxeRed , commenting again. I love so much about this. The symbolism with the protagonist name scheme and their personalities, their moral ambiguity, the rich and immersive story telling. You’ve created such a great town and story contained within. I love how rpg combat is implemented when story necessary and it isn’t a buzzkill. I’m sure a lot of people, if they had to pinpoint a "negative’ for this project would be the lack of weight gain thus far. Which is fair and given it’s a fetish project, it will come in due time. However I want to point out something that may not be on the thought of people craving weight gain. It has to make sense within the scope of the story. If it’s not realistic, the townspeople will catch on or react differently to the trio. If weight gain is too forced/instant and the town magically accepts it, it compromises the integrity of the masterfully crafted story thus far. I’m not trying to point any fingers or anything like that, just saying that we need to be patient and it’ll run it’s course.

That all aside, I’d like to return to sharing thoughts and praise.

I love how each protagonist reacts differently to important story events, no I love how you even give us an option to view these events from a different character’s perspective. I’m sure it may’ve been annoying to do the same event three times but slightly differently for each character but I can’t begin to tell you how much quality that breathes into the project. My only complaint about these events is that sometimes we might not expect the choice and there isn’t an easy way to have a save prior unless we save constantly like madmen. If there could be a way to backout of that selection screen to quickly save and go back to the selection screen, that’d be perfect.

I’m also impressed by your ability to write characters. Taking the sister of the soldier set of four as an example, I didn’t really see Heather as too bad compared to her brother and then Sebastian hits us with the fact that that she’s truly manipulative and I was completely floored. I reloaded a save to do the obstacle course again and tried to do it poorly as a form of a punishment for her past misdeeds. Not only was she manipulative in universe, she manipulated me into believing she wasn’t an evil narcissistic bitch!

Quick thoughts on the three protags:

Gretel- I love how not only is her name sharing the first letter thing of the 7 deadly sins alongside her other partners, but she even is referencing the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale. Representing gluttony is an absolutely great pick for naming. I love how she seemingly has killed someone before and suffers immense PTSD about it. Her RPG stats being through the roof along with her spell list even further accent her position as a powerful magician of some sort if her ability to summon food out of nowhere wasn’t enough. Her statline vs her peers easily made me recognize her as the leader as well. Such seemingly pointless details if she never fights adds to the whole storytelling experience, bravo. It’s adorable how embarrassed she gets over anything romantic. She radiate heavy good mom vibes.She’s such a mom. Lastly love her character dynamic with Lily.

Lily- Representing Lust, Lily or… more appropriately, L, is a really fun character. Gretel is obviously the nurturing mom of the group but Lily’s got a lot of protective parenting in here too. For someone who lacks an identity of her own, she’s extremely empathetic towards others and won’t take shit from anyone that endangers anyone she cares about. Veronica is in good hands. Her mind control powers are really interesting and… pretty helpful for fattening girls up. I’m a fan. Not sure if there’s another symbolism at play with her name or lack of one with Gretel, please inform me if so!

Sebastian- Sebastian’s in a little of an odd spot in my opinion. He lacks the deeper ties to the townfolk as his partners do. I’d easily associate Gretel with Maya and the Mayor, and Lily with Veronica and Sophia, but Sebastian sort of lacks a townsperson or two he’s connected with. I know that he’s spearheading the Sam storyline and I must say that was brilliantly executed. I was wondering how you’d approach Sam’s stubbornness and I feel you hit the nail on the head in both a believable and reasonable manner. I’m expecting him to play a huge role with Dana as well as Sebastian has proven he’s great at mental aid as he is with medicine. Another observation is that he seems slightly out of place with the trio. The other two have a great dynamic together and I don’t really see that with Sebastian. Also unaware of a potential name meaning in Sebastian aside from representing Sloth. Maybe I got spoiled by Gretel’s name. lol

I haven’t really touched on any of the townsies but I think I’ve shared enough. Keep up the amazing work! I’ll continue to be patiently awaiting more!


Echoing the last guy, but you are an amazing storywriter. I hope after finishing this project you go on to make some really good books or more RPG games (related or unrelated to feederism I’d enjoy playing/reading them)

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@loveiswhat69 Is it Ironic that you compliment you on my writing, but I struggle to find a fitting way to write out a proper thank you for all the kind words you’ve given me? :slight_smile:
Glad people aren’t put off by the level of combat in game, but I think it’s because we ALL have played a dozen rpgmaker games that force the player to fight through the same basic enemy encounter every 3 steps.
I don’t mind making combat to keep you on your toes, “Cerberus fight, Violet’s staircase.” but it won’t be the main focus any time soon!
And I think you’ve hit it right on the head for how I do the WG! Nothing wrong with the stories that are quick and to the point with the weight gain, but I like a little foreplay! Or a lot of foreplay as the first 3 hours of the game shows, but The WG will be coming in more and more as I try to keep the balance of dramatic story and fetish to a good degree.

Very happy to hear you liked the split player path stuff! It was a spur of the moment idea but for the but it was a lot of fun to make! And it even helped ME understand the characters a little better by putting through the mental exercise of having them deal with the same problem in there own ways. The format of 0.2 prevented me from putting another one of those choices in, but I already have one Gretel/Lily path in 0.3 mostly done and will be looking for chances to add more. To your request of having save prompts is probably wise, I’ll add some in before choices or even when my dialogue goes on a bit to long without a chance to save.

On Heather- Yessssss glad to know that twist went well. Have the players feel Empathy for Heather only to have that rug pulled from under them. And you’re in luck, the next test for Heather will have a chance for the player to both pass and fail it resulting in a variety of differing outcomes, some of which might pull the rug out from you again! Two rugs! Maybe Three!

On Gretel-
Always glad when my naming goes noticed! Yes she like her companion shares the first letter of her represented sin and my inspiration for her did come from Hansel and Gretel. :slight_smile:
I am an old Dark souls players so I’d be shamed if I didn’t hid some crucial plot details in stats and item descriptions so I’m glad those are getting picked up!

On L- Glad you think she is a fun character to see, because she is a fun one to write for! Yeah I would say L has got a lot of protectiveness in her as well. Representing Lust, she gets into a lot of ‘naughty’ ‘mischievous’ acts that might make Gretel blush, but at the same time Lust and Love do go pretty well in hand so Lily feels that as well. As Sebastian put it, Gretel and Lily are like mother and daughter, or more closely Mother and daughter in the middle of her rebellion phase. They both love each other very much and would both fight bears bare handed to protect the other, just at the same time they’d both rather jump off buildings before admitting how they really feel to one another.

On Sebastian-
Fair points! Yes he does lack a bit more of the deeper connection but it does play into his character a bit more of being more reserved and plenty of secrets. Though perhaps you are right I should try to play into his relations with the other two a bit more. :thinking:
Glad you liked Sam’s first breakthrough but it’s not over yet! But like you listed above, hopefully the work the player goes through trying to help Sam open up will make her story (and weight gain) all the more satisfying. And while I won’t spoil ‘who’ but Sebas will be using his medicine to help one more person in town…
And ah sorry nothing on the name, just needed an S and like Sebastian :slight_smile: Fun fact though the four adventurers, “Heather, Violet, Byzantium, and Heather” those names are all shades of purple. There is no real symbolism there just had it for fun.

Thanks you again once more for the kind words and I hope I can keep up with your expectations of me!


Thanks, glad for your support! Apostles will be a project I work on for a long time, but maybe I’ll get a good book done before then :slight_smile: Thank you again for the support, always motivates me to make more!


Famine: Everybody’s going to starve! :skull:
Apostels: Let us introduce ourselves… :poultry_leg:


Just an update for anyone curious! I plan for the next release to come some point early next month. I planned to take longer, but I worried the gap might stretch a tad to long. But as a result the content might be a bit shorter. Though I will say it will be made to be played twice so keep a save!
Hope you all enjoy what the missionaries got cooking up for chapter 3!


All good, glad to see you’re still kicking. Very excited to see more of this! :slight_smile:


Oh I am so ready for this feast and can not wait to see where this story is going.


ooh like a split storyline? Kinda epic tho


I vaguely remember playing an earlier version of this game a long time ago but have just recently noticed that there is an updated version on here.

I downloaded the game and there was a save file already there, this file is right before a room where you can look through memories with all the people in town. after going through that room a message says it is the end of the game.

Is this the end of the new content or do I somehow have the wrong version of the game, because i vaguely remember that room.


That is the end of the new content I’m afraid to say. While 0.1 ended in that room, 0.2 was an update that added the memory paths to all those routes.

Don’t worry though early next month is the plans for 0.3 and while MY INTERNET KEEPS DROPPING I still plan to meet that date. :slight_smile:

Hope you and everyone else enjoys!


I started playing this and wasn’t expecting much, and now I wanna play it because I legitimately care about the characters and the story!
I never thought someone could make something so cinematic in fuckin’ RPG maker!

You, sir, are a talented writer and i deeply look forward to anything else you make, not even just this game.


Aww thanks! Always makes my day to hear when people like what I do!

And if you are looking for other story driven games in RPGmaker I recommend

SB-Some Bullshit - Stuffing Focused RPG Maker Game Update # 8
Which starts off pure comedy, but in recent updates has been getting deeper and deeper into the lore and has been all around fun with plenty of mini games to spice up the default rpg maker experience.

And in a non-WG but still fetish sense I highly recommend to all

One of the best games I’ve ever played, and one of my biggest inspiration to start this project. I’d give a description, but the game is 60 hours long and counting so I’ll let anyone who wants to play go in blind!

And thanks again for the kind words!