Apple v. Windows

I’ve tried to play a couple of the finished games, and (though this is based on just a few attempts) it seems that the games don’t work. The error messages that appear are mostly ones that tell me I can’t open Windows Apps on a Mac.

Is there any Mac-Supported games I could play, or did I miss the part that says all games are made for windows exclusively?

Most games are built mainly for windows as that is what they are developed on. Some do make mac builds but few are tested. In general if you see a .exe you wont be able to play it on Mac.

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I play most games on Linux (with Wine). It’s basically translates windows system calls into ones for Linux. And since Mac uses BSD kernel (hence is compliant with POSIX), it should work on Mac as well (at last to some extent). It also might be a little bit more complicated, to install.

Installing Wine on Mac

my games are both able to be played on mac! if it helps!

I’ll try to build for running in a browser where possible, but if I need to make it a full download I don’t plan to support Mac as I can’t test it.