Applied Levels of Expansion (APPLE)

In a landscape of multiple expansion systems for 5th Edition, Applied Levels of Expansion means to offer a core experience alongside conversion methods for all of your extended adventuring needs!

APPLE includes a core toolkit for incorporating inflation, weight gain, and muscle into 5e adventures and modules. APPLE also outlines a methodology for creating your own ways of expressing your unique expansive desires.

And it’s free!


Aw man I really want to play this but I have no idea how to play dnd :frowning:


There’s always time to learn, friend. Find some good folk and storycraft. Be sure to tell us how it goes, too.


This looks super interesting! And a question occured immediately - when it says ‘every 25% Apple Gained is -5 feet movement’, would that mean like, at say, 50% of a certain type of apple, you’d have a total of -10 feet move?

Yes indeed. This also would be overridden by the Inflation Majority, which forces a minimum of 15ft of Levitate movement. We have a discord channel for mechanics discussion in our profile.

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There are some videos on how to play Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition and other tabletop role-playing games on YouTube. Here’s one I used to watch: How to Play Dungeons and Dragons 5e - Intro - YouTube

D&D Beyond also has some written guides on how to create characters and play the game. How to Play D&D: An Overview for Beginners - D&D Beyond

Thank you! I will be sure sure to watch this as soon as I can.