April 2019 Income Statement

Sorry for this being so late but I am finally over my cold and got this done! And I have some good news as well. Some adjustments to our original funding plan has allowed us to minimize the amount of damage done to our accounts. While we are still in the red we are now looking at a recovery period of 2-3 months before we are back in the black.

Unfortunately I am not sure if we will be back in the black enough to do much for the Game Jam, but we may have something now. One word of warning though is there may be some wrenches that increase our expenses before the end of this month but we expect them to be minor so they shouldn’t influence it much.

And as usual if you like what we do and want to support Weight Gaming check out our Patreon:

(NOTE: This is a long one so it may not show completely in the post. If you only see part of it click the image for full view to see the whole report)

WGFIncomeStatements_5-19.pdf (290.8 KB)

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