April 2023 Income Statement

Good day everyone!

Here is this months income statement. Not much to say here expect thank you to a few new Patreons. It was not much but every bit helps! If anyone has question feel free to ask them below and if you feel like helping more directly support the site check out our Patreon!


nice taxes. i hate i have to put 20 words

Might not be able to give support for now but will try to do so in the future. If possible to know, are the expenses something that is affecting / might affect you guys in the future irl? I assume it probably affects the development / management of gain jams as well.

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Oh no worries, we know that not everyone is in a position to help support us. We do appreciate that you want to try to in the future though!

And ya it could. Right now our largest worry is how fast the site it growing and the fact that I have to start bringing up some services that I have been holding off on for as long as possible for the main site. Things will likely get a bit tight but we are working to do what we can to minimize it.


damn hopefully this website get the support it needs