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Hello All, Been a while since I posted anything. seeing how no one’s talking about I was curious how some people thought of ways to make more 3D weight gain tricks than the one morphing the whole mesh trick.

I found a few tricks were it helps make the process easier and looks a bit better

one I found was here Sharkstuffnsfw Twitter



where they made a good stuffed belly

There’s another one from a Fanaf 3D artist (I know but work with me)

where I’m guessing the belly is a separate mesh and reacts to the rest of the model
(I could be wrong though)


If any one else has other ideas or found other methods it would be appreciated


I’d love to learn how Sharkstuffin made that belly, any attempts I’ve made at making soft body physics to look good have been abysmal failures.

As for the Fanaf belly, they could have handled it similar to how I have been doing my models, just have a bone control the belly and use something like Spring bones or Wiggle bones to give it some dynamic wiggles and jiggles.

Here a very lazy example of what I did a while back, it just one jiggle bone attached the the rig

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I have to look into that, never experimented with that before thanks for the input!

here is a simulation test I made a while back
I think it looks alright, but to get the best results I think you need to combine a cloth simulation with wiggle bones. I haven’t tried that yet though so I can’t say for certain.

settings used

I find that cloth simulations work better than softbody ones. unfortunately I forget what most of the settings does so I can’t say how to tweak them.
for the people that like inflation “Pressure” is probably the setting you will like the most, though you would need to figure out what to put all other settings to so it looks right

also the polygon density effects the simulation, if you have a Subdivision modifier make sure that you test the simulation with the same subdivisions as you will render it at. the bottom of the picture is so you have an idea of what the polycount in this example (it doesn’t have a Subdivision modifier).

I have been doing some experiments to make rigging better that I think will be worth sharing, but I will keep them till later since I am currently rigging a model and I want to see the results on a finished model before I share them