Are spells avoidable?

Just wondering cause my 30+20 agility doesn’t seem to do anything against the succubus.

Spells can be evaded. However, the Succubus’ skills are all debuffs, which can be resisted by stacking Willpower. About 25 Willpower and you should start seeing your character resist her debuffs.

Just a heads up that stacking evasion isn’t a reliable strategy at the moment. Combat entities have a base accuracy of 100% and a base evasion of 0%, so it’ll require a lot of agility before you actually start seeing misses. I designed combat this way so that evasion tanking would be non-existent until later levels. When I implement classes, stealth classes would be the only ones who would benefit from stacking Agility since their skills will scale off of it.

Fair enough, keeping agility from being op would require some form slow down in gaining evasion, something like banding the gain in evasion, such as once agility is above, say, twenty, it drops to 1 evasion per one point of agility.

Well, you get 5 stat points per level, so currently you have 50 of them, which makes your suggestion op as well. I think we should wait till the percentages come in.

But it’s still an interesting idea, for example past 30 points per stat you’d have like a special move avaible once in battle, like 30+ agility = 1 evasion per battle, or 30+ strength = 1 smash per battle.