Are there any "canonically" chubby characters in Final Fantasy 14 that aren't chubby in-game?

What I mean by the title is characters that might be off-handly mentioned to be a bit bigger, or say things that suggest they would/should be bigger, but just use the same skinny in-game models as everyone else.

For example, in Endwalker there’s this NPC called Nashreen, who’s a female Au’Ra. She uses the standard model, but she talks about eating more than others normally do, and gorging on her favourite foods and such. Because of that I feel like she would “canonically” be a bit chonky, but obviously she just uses a normal model.

I have a mod called Customize+ that allows you to change the size of bones, so I’ve used that to make a preset that looks a bit chubby and have set Nashreen to use it, and I’d kind of like to do that to any other character that’s “canonically” chubby, or sounds like they should be.

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I might be missing context, but stuffing =/= weight gain

based on the nutrition of whatever food/diet they have, their lifestyle outside of eating, and genetics… you can have a case where someone is thin despite stuffing a lot, there are more than enough mukbangs where people (especially from the east) don’t gain weight after doing it for years

and considering FF is made by a Japanese team, it’s probably not them “canonically being fat” just stuffing themselves with a diet that does not promote weight gain in their species


I know stuffing doesn’t always = weight, but it sounded like she’d done it for a while.

As for the other thing, that’s why I put canonically in quotation marks. I mean as in characters that, through their words and/or actions, would probably be a bit thicker “IRL”, or if they had those body types to dole out to characters in the game. Or barring that, characters that would just fit it through what they say or do, like Nashreen.

I distinctly recall dialogue from the Goldsmith level 25 quest suggesting Serendipity is a bit plush.

I tried looking up videos to see the dialogue and I don’t see anything that suggests anything like that. Are you sure it was the level 25 quest?

Sorry, 20, not 25. Perhaps it’s fine to paste the transcript from A Melding of the Minds - Final Fantasy XIV Online Wiki - FFXIV / FF14 Online Community Wiki and Guide

Serendipity: [Player]! Oh gods, you should’ve seen it. It was glorious!
Serendipity: A golden brown apple tart, freshly baked by a Bismarck-trained chef! I was saving it for an afternoon snack, but the moment I turned my back…
Serendipity: That little terror ate it—— Gigi ate it! Mammets can’t even taste food! And then he had the nerve to criticize my diet, saying it would “lead to further deviation from conventional standards of beauty”! Gods, I just…
Serendipity: Pardon my outburst. That’s not why you’re here. Keeping your skills sharp, I trust? You know, it occurs to me that the past two tasks I gave you weren’t proper lessons. How about I teach you something new?