Are there any good down to earth realistic weight gain games out there with a female player character?

Well, the title pretty much contains the question.
I’m looking for a weight gain game that’s pretty down to earth (so no magic or aliens or etc. Or at most a very tiny bit of those) that also has a female player character that can gain weight.

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maybe, Gain of Life?

Gaining perspective maybe? It was originally male only until it got updated: Gaining Perspective - Weight Gaming

Also, project bob. But there’s no images.

Oh I thought it was patreon only but after triple checking I see there’s a free version too…
Edit: huh… it seems a bit barebone still… well I guess it is in an early stage so that is a given.

Thanks for the suggestion. Sadly I already know that game.

Edit: Nevermind I’ve actually played this one a long time ago.
Thanks again. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it seems like down-to-earth projects are pretty rare on this site. But what features are you looking for that could not be expressed in writing?

Well, I am open to pretty much anything, s long as it is not yet an another “You eat a slice of pizza, you gain 100 pounds. Now you can eat the whole continent, you gain 10 billion pounds.”.

Im surprised it hasnt been said already but The Weighting Game is one of the best made games here. And also one of the most realistic as far as that’s concerned. The latest update will set you back 5 bucks, but the older .2 version is free on patreon.

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@ChunkyFunky Thanks for recommending my game :slight_smile:

I did think about mentioning it myself, but it doesn’t have a female player character. (plus I don’t like to blow my own trumpet…)


No problem, it’s a blast.
I suppose you are right though, you don’t play as Alice lol. I figured that they were looking for games with women gaining weight and just worded it funny.