are there any good WG games in steam?

dear friends, hello!
i am happy to meet so many nice people in this community, and i really like the beautiful and creative games that you all create in here, i absolutely love your cool WG games!
(they are incredible, both in art, and in interactivity +WG)

but i was wondering: have any of your found (by chance) any good games on steam that involve weight gain/growth or feeding?
if so, plz let me know, and i would be happy to find out about those games too.

PS: i would also like to ask ppl if they have any good flash WG games to suggest from the net (in general) or from deviantart, for me to play (with direct growth and with a good prpogression, along with cool visuals), or should i ask about this topic in a new, separate thread?

thank you.


While WG is not the only fetish on it I will never not take an opportunity to recommend Pirate’s Fate it is honestly just great and while yes it is also a furry game if you can look past I recommend it easily


Better off skimming through someone else’s playthrough, Pirate’s Fate is a visual novel.


I haven’t played it yet, so I can’t vouch for its quality, but Tribal Hunter recently released a demo. Obviously, this one is also a furry (scalie?) game and I think it has some vore elements, but if those aren’t deal breakers, it looks pretty great.


Can definitely vouch for Tribal Hunter, and release is coming up for it soon so people interested in it can play it very soon!

I think it’s pretty important for games that cater to (or at least involve, in T.H’s case) some kind of kink to still play like a game so even if people aren’t interested in the furry weight gain/vore stuff, I’m sure the actual gameplay aspect of the game may still garner some interest!


I’ve only had the demo for a few days but it is really good! Definitely a game I would recommend.

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thanks for the helpful replies, people, i really appreciate it!


Gotta make sure to advise people that Tribal Hunter is like 99% male. It’s a dealbreaker for a very large (haha fat joke) amount of people.


I considered mentioning that, but I don’t have the early access version so not sure how far that carried over into the rest of the game, but figured it was likely.

Still, like I said, between it being mostly male, furry-based, perhaps too cartoony for some people’s liking, amongst other potential turn-offs, I can personally recommend it as a very competent-looking platformer with fun incorporated weight gain elements at best. By all means though, if that doesn’t make up for the other aspects that people might not enjoy as much then no harm done – I was already expecting a drop-off on the vore-based stuff, honestly. It’s not exactly a free game so can’t blame people for not wanting to buy it for one reason or another!


I once posted a topic on a male-centric game called Paunch. The game itself is free-to-play compared to Pirate’s Fate and Tribal Hunter.

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Can ye give all of us a link, I plead thee

Already made a thread relating to the game, but no one’s replied to it at all since it was first put up. Just look up “Paunch” using the Search button, and you’ll eventually find it.

gotcha, thanks for the good suggestion, mate!
if you’ve got more WG games (steam or not) to suggest to us, post them in here…

No prob. But, there aren’t any that I know of right now. Later down the road, maybe, but not right now.

Tribal Hunter’s so good, Steam acknowledged it by making an emoticon for it.

I almost want to play Tribal Hunter, but… that ending. O_o

Plus, I don’t have a working computer that can run the game.

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So far, haven’t seen anyone mention Noone’s Fatty Text Adventure Game on FurAffinity.

There’s a game called Panic Diet (or Diet Panic?)

It’s a finite runner with the objective of losing weight , but there are candies that make you gain weight. So you can always lose on purpose.

Freaking adorable pink haired protagonist. I haven’t played it myself but today i was checking my card’s balance to see if i could buy it. So i figured I’d let you know it exists


oh really?
does it have pictures too, or is it strictly a text-based WG game?
nonetheless, can you link us to it?

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oh, i know that game!
its great, and the pink haired protagonist girl is adorable indeed…
its a good WG game…
thats what im looking for, more or less in a game.
a cute protagonist and cool WG mechanics

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