are there any other sites like this

I was searching for other sites like this but all people keep talking about is BBW chan and I looked it up but there was pretty much no games only pictures and comments.

Please feel free to comment any of your game recommendations and websites.

I like all games that include weight gain but mostly when it’s centered at the butt.

The reason kilif originally created this site originally is because there was no other site like this.


Yeah pretty much this is more niche than people think. Typically it entices pornographic stuff and instantly becomes one of those kinds of websites.

I typically think of this place as an art and animation focusing on plus sized and the weight gain theme.


Yes I know a few there’s… actually no… not really something appropriate…

16, 15, 18, 14, 8, 21, 2.

I don’t believe PornHub is remotely similar to this website.


oh boy it’s a mystery

I’m surprised you understood that