Are there sites friendly to lewd writers?

Currently I’m functioning on borrowed time uploading my various stories on DeviantArt, and other sites that barely tolerate pornographic writing.
Is there any site where I am able to upload my stories (pictures and all), without fear of them being wiped away overnight by restrictive TOS?
I’ve heard about Pillowfort, but I have no clue if its any good/if anyone is even on it.

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Pillowfort is empty. Even the really popular artists only get like 20 likes total on their art.
I don’t know if people still use it or not, but Literotica used to be pretty big.

IDK, in general, writing is pretty dead across the board, I think social media and texting helped kill it off, but Twitter’s microscopic post length was probably the final nail in the coffin.

Speaking of Pillowfort, I’ll drop some invites in here for anyone to use:

I would agree that writing is not very in demand but I would say its more due to tools like dungeon ai and tags. I always found it difficult to find what I’m looking for writing wise. Those ai systems on the other hand are made to give you what you ask of them like a free commission.

You could create your own domain via Wix. Fairly simple and if you have a creative mind it is fun to create a website platform that looks and feels exactly how you want it to.

Literotica is still very active. I would also question the assertion that writing is dead across the board. DA is just a terrible format for it, and it’s only gotten worse since the forced upgrade.

I haven’t even found a search option to limit my searches to literature, to be honest.

I also must strenuously question the idea that AI dungeon supplants good writing. I find the thing remarkably awkward and frustrating to use. The only way to make it function well is to add details in the remember section until the end of time, and even then it keeps getting things wrong.

I found the program good for a laugh or two, but it really can’t compare to either a good story or a proper roleplay with actual human beings.


Its been a while but isn’t Fantasy Feeder a website solely for weight gain/feederism related stories? It’s been a while since I went there but from what I remember, that is probably the only website that is devoted to this particular type of fetish story.

Dimensions is another option as well. Fantasy Feeder I recall having a paywall on a number of their stories, which is a bit of a nuisance.

And I have no clue how active the Dimensions forum actually is, but it will forever hold a special place in my heart. It was the first place online I found Feederism content. I found Kelligrl, their story board and Zarbon’s I Hate My Twin series, and the simple comfort of knowing I wasn’t alone in my preferences.

FurAffinity is useful, it’s where I post my more lewd writing, even though it’s not furry. Human-only tends to be tolerated there, but it’s an option.

Gary beat me to mentioning Dimensions. Don’t know how active it is as I’ve fallen into inactivity myself, but it was also my first look into the wider world of fat-based sexuality and I have several stories on there myself. (Too much of what I write these days violates their board rules, though = P)

Curvage might also be an option, if that place still lives.

Archive of my Own is available as well; there’s a pretty active subset of erotic literature there with minimal oversight. It takes both original fiction and fan fiction, supports art (somewhat), and is entirely free.
Sadly, it doesn’t have a ton of options for cooperation between writers, and the search engine is something of a mess due to a non-standardized tag system, but it’s definitely a solid option. I’ve been planning to maybe make a few posts there myself.

Hentai Foundry is technically an option. It doesn’t seem to have a huge amount of traffic, and the entire format is somewhat clunky, but it’s a porn site and it accepts stories; good if you’re lacking other options.

A lot of Fandom sites, the ones that are all about a specific show/series, are generally pretty open about what they’ll allow, provided you stay on topic.

Furaffinity is definitely good, your writing would definitely fit in there, furry or otherwise.
SoFurry is rather less accepting, and vanilla human characters probably wouldn’t be welcome there, but if definitely seems to have a solid adult literature selection.

Places like Blogspot don’t necessarily encourage traffic, since they aren’t forums like this place. Still, if you’re looking for a place to keep your stories in one place…