Art framework poll

Were somebody to be working on a framework for generating character art assets that can be rendered at various weights, which of these camera angles would be most useful to you?

  • Side view
  • 3/4 view
  • Front or back view

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Why did you even ask for it? I do not think you need our opinions, seeing what you are compared to we are.

If I can make it easier for others to build good looking WG games, maybe more games will get made.

Bah. I prefer do not share that. I do not want to share my thinking and to know what others think. I do what I want with no influence from another person. Even if it is wrong and no one likes it.

I am not trying to tell you what to make, only find out where to focus my limited time to maximize benefit to the community.

This sort of tool could be revolutionary depending on how flexible/powerful it is. Is this a hypothetical, or have you begun development?

I am still trying to define the basic feature set and development milestones. Having done a couple spritemesh based projects already, I have a loose idea how I would like the workflow to look but all the work of making templates and examples, recording tutorials, generalizing those examples so they can be easily dropped in as placeholders to allow a programmer/designer to start work on their own… All the hard stuff is still to come.

Consider this step one: establishing needs and priorities.


This is a warning, @anon97461494.

This kind of discouraging, negative posting is not welcome here.

We are a shared community resource — a place to share skills, knowledge and interests through ongoing conversation. Just because you wouldn’t ask people what they need in a utility, doesn’t mean that is the best course of action. Be constructive.

Please look at out guidelines before you post again. FAQ - Weight Gaming