Art site or -booru?

Not really gaming related, but I was wondering if there was an art aggregate site, like the boorus or e621, that was dedicated to expansion stuff and weight gain? Like Eka’s portal isn’t just a forum, it’s also a gallery.


BBWchan is pretty good for finding stuff.

I really do wish that there was one, would help out a lot with finding art. Most of the booru I could find were fairly small and not very active, too general to be useful or too specific. Best I could find with a quick search were

I’d certainly help try to tag things if folk want to either help work on the existing booru or attempt to make a new one. I’d be hesitant to start a new one unless there is some pretty major support though, most booru start as a bright new idea and then they turn into a wasteland of untagged art.




Yeah, er… seems to be a forum, not really a booru, and doesn’t seem to have an easy way to search for specific tags or characters…

The logo girl’s cute though.