Artist for Hire!

Greetings Everyone, i am Undead and i have been lurking on this site for while. I wanted to let myself to be known and share my stuff to this is community!
I would also love to be part of other projects to help with visual arts here and there, don’t be shy to hit me up!

What do I do?: I simply like to draw my fetishes for fun and love to share it others who are in common.

Things i will not draw: feet, scat, babyfur, diapers, characters that looks like kids, gore and other extreme fetishes.

Things i will draw: blobs, slobs, chubby, fat, weight gain, muscle(no hyper), feeding, nsfw, hyper, expansion, musk, sweat, gas and vore

heres my link to see my arts and get an idea of what i draw


would you be willing to post some of your work in this thread? your FA page is registered users only and I personally haven’t used the site really at all before

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Oh sure!

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