Artist Lookin for Commissions

Hey its Harpow,

Im an artist who does both SFW and NSFW work as an artist (you can find my twitter here:

I am also the current artist for Town Feeder (cant liknk but im sure you can find it if ya look)

Im also very much low on money and have responsibilities such as a car and school tuition that i have to pay per month (and im dangerously low on that) so im asking here and everywhere for commissions

My post on rates and whatnot is here:

Please consider taking time to look over and dm me on discord (@harpow) or on here to discuss comission work

Thanks so much for reading and for any consideration you take.


absolutely cannot get a google result for a game called “town feeder” guess they need to work on their SEO :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy fuck i grossly misremembered the title, its Town Store lmao

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You’re breaking my heart, dude :smile:

As the main dev for Town Feeder (Also known as Town Store - Run a food store in a town of gluttons), I can confirm that Harpow is a great artist. Not only can they do art well, they give good suggestions and work fast. Definitely recommend for anyone looking to commission some art.