Town Store - Run a food store in a town of gluttons

Inspiration/boredom has struck once again and I have begun work on a new game. I’ve actually been working on it for a couple of weeks, but I wanted to make sure what I wanted to do was possible before posting about it here so I’ve been doing a lot of the setup work. I can now confirm that it should probably be possible ;). It is my first RPGMaker game though, so it’ll be somewhat limited in scope.

So what is the game? Well, it’s a little RPGMaker (VX Ace) game where you run a store in a town. The premise is that you saved up money as an adventurer so you could follow your dreams and own a bakery/food shop/cafe. You’ll start off small but will be able to upgrade both the food you can offer and the shop itself.

For the most part you won’t be actively pushing people to gain, you’ll be more of a facilitator. Each day you’ll be able to choose from a series of actions, such as working at the shop, making deliveries and training your staff. You’ll make passive income from sales which you can spend on the shop upgrades. Keep some saved up though, you won’t want to miss out on the random events!

The Characters

A grand total of 17 characters will be able to gain weight. Most will gain based on the price and unhealthiness of your food as they come and buy it. Some you will have to deliver food to yourself, and a couple only gain if their event is successful. Your character, Sophie, will not gain weight but you’re more than welcome to feed up the rest of the staff.

As a little taster I’ll introduce some of the characters here, and others will be introduced if and when I feel like it.

This is the town priestess. She holds regular ceremonies, although they haven’t been all that popular recently.

This is Sophie, your character. A retired, fairly successful adventurer excited to finally make people happy with her food.

This lady is the richest woman in town. It’ll be tough to get her to come down to your bakery, but her maid may be easier to convince.

Development Status

I have like 75% of the characters and maps done, and I have planned out all the game mechanics. I still need to code them, which will take some time, but it’s all entirely possible. The main thing that is slowing me down is the goddamn sprites. 17 fattenable characters sounds great until you realise that with an average of five stages that means I have to make roughly 70 sets of sprites. Each animation set has 12 individual sprites to simulate movement, for a total of 840 individual sprites. I actually only need to make like 750 because I already have their base stages and a couple of first gain stages done, but that’s still so much work. It doesn’t help that I have the artistic skills of a rock.

What could I use from y'all?

I’ll need help to bugtest and make sure the game works later on in development. For now, I would really love if some of you could volunteer to help me with making sprites. You don’t need to be particularly artistically talented (lord knows I’m not) or have experience, you just need to be willing to do somewhat repetitive pixel art.

If you’re interested, let me know and I can give you a list of characters that need sprites. Honestly, if you’re willing to do a few characters’ worth of sprites I’m happy to let you make one of the sprites look like you want (within reason) and pick their name.

Edit: Similarity notes

I recognise that the game may seem a little similar to other games that are or have been on here. Misekoya might be the most similar but there are a couple of major differences. 1) The focus in my game is on the shop and passive gain, where Misekoya was about feeding your employees. 2) My game doesn’t sexualise children…

There are other games that’ll have similar aspects. In some ways it’s a bit like Coven of Calahree or even Apostles. My game is nowhere near as good as either of those, but yeah in some ways it’ll be similar. Oh well…

I hope this is enough to get people excited for what I hope will be a pretty fun game. I’m also open to advice, since I’m very new to RPGM.


What kind of software is needed to help? I assume RPGM?


Not necessarily. If you want to design your own character it’ll probably help but I can send the first stage sprite sheet so all you really need is some image editing software. I use Paintdotnet because it’s free

I am willing try to help! But no promises I am much good

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Sounds like a real solid idea. I am happy to see that new games are coming to life. I think you should have a little look at the RPGMaker Extended Generator program if you have trouble finding edits for your goblin character. If you need any bug-testing I´d be happy to help you out as well.

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I’ve only done a tiny bit of sprite art in the past but I’m down to take a swing at a character.

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I have photoshop and a basic understanding of it
I could maybe help

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I love these sort of games where you’ve got a town/ cast of characters that you gradually fatten up as you progress. Always fun and gives lots of variety in terms of characters, body types, stories and how they react to their growing waistlines. Looking forward to seeing whatever comes of this!


word of advice, esspecially when making this amount of custom sprites. it’s okay to take occasional breaks. having that many sprites to work on will be a huge time sinker if you try to tackle it all a once, which can cause burn-out very quickly.

if that still is daunting then i would suggest down scaling the amount of characters on the first release and adding more of them over a number of updates. it’s better to have something smaller to start with and expand as you add more content.

you don’t need to release a fully completed project on launch. even independent developers take months or years to have a game out, and some even continue development after the first release.

Wishing you the best of luck with this project.


There is also a lot of free to use sprites that have been donated in the stuffing rpg discord. Maybe you could check that out as well. Stuffing rpg bugtesting

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Yeah they’re great, I’m using a lot of them as reference points

That one is going on my watch list

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Not the first watchlist I’ve been on :wink:

Nah I’m glad it looks exciting. I really hope people will enjoy the end result.

Exciting premise and could shape up to be a great game! Rooting to see where this goes :blush:

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Is two days in a bit early for an update? Maybe…

Anyway, I am delighted to introduce another character to y’all. This one is an ex-adventurer, much like our dear MC. However, she retired later, more out of boredom and because she was slowly ageing than because she wanted to follow some dream. She now lives next to what will become the MC’s shop, and is all too happy to pay a visit. She hasn’t really realised that she’s burning far less calories than she used to yet, but I’m sure she will soon.
This lovely lady is the receptionist for the local Adventurer’s guild. Not to spoil too much, but she’s one of the characters you’ll have more of a direct role in feeding. Both of these characters still need sprites, so let me know if anyone is feeling up for the task.


A couple more characters who could use sprites (yeah I would still like more volunteers)

This lady is an artist who moved to the town but has been feeling down and uninspired recently. Lets see if our food and its effects can’t help her out.
This lovely lady will be your assistant. While you’ll hire more people as the game advances, she’ll be with you from the get go to support you and make sure everything is clear. Please take good care of her!


Its all coming together


Would love to see some example sprite sheets to see what you’re shooting for. To jump off of what @justforsins was saying, plenty of resources available in that discord. Would you ever think of making your own discord for this too? A kind of community-game dev?

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That discord does have a lot of good stuff, but most of their sprites are for other RPG Maker formats (which in retrospect I probably should have used too but oh well).

As for making my own Discord, I’m just not really sure I can justify it. Like if there’s enough interest I’d be happy to but idk if I want to do that for two or three people to join.

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Time for another little update, methinks. I’ve been working on the game rather than the art mostly over the last few days. I have all the maps apart from a couple of cutscene background ones, and I’m working on getting the game mechanics up and running. Once that’s done, it’ll just be a question of making sprites. Yeah, I could still use more sprite volunteers, and yes you still don’t need anything except motivation. Anyway, here are a couple more characters.

These two sisters live together but they could not be more different. The elder sister is hard working and studious, while the younger one loves a good party. This means it’ll be harder to convince the elder sister to try your lovely cuisine, whereas the younger just needs to see you have cheap drinks (convincing isn’t really a game mechanic but you’ll see what I mean).