RPGMaker Event or Script

Hi y’all,

I was wondering if anyone could help me with making a specific type of minigame for my current project, Town Store.

It could be through eventing or a script, but basically I want to make something where the player working at the shop gets requests for different foods and has to choose if the give the person the food or not. If they don’t then they can give the food to their employees but they won’t get the money and the person will be unhappy. The unhappiness should vary depending on what food it is. If the total unhappiness gets too high, the event ends and the player fails. Fails is a metric used across a few minigames, the total successes vs fails decides how much money they get at the end.

Yeah, I’d really appreciate some help with this as it’s a little beyond my current abilities. Thank you!


Slightly edited this (read, fully rewrote it) because it wasn’t getting anywhere

Oh I could also use any help with making a memory mini game. Could be like with flipping cards, but I’m open to other ideas