Town Store - Run a food store in a town of gluttons

I want to note that while I’m making (so many) fat sprites for the (also many) characters that gain, their little face image illustration thing won’t change as they grow. I’m already struggling to make decent quality sprites so making those too would be entirely beyond my abilities. I can sorta code and build games but y’all art is hard.


Worry not! We are excited for the game never the less!~


I’ve always been a fan of games where you run a shop or are a merchant in a fantasy world. Very much excited to play this game when it releases.

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TAG ME TF IN COACH, I can draw baby! Let me at 'em!


Just counted it and I have 24 unique location maps. Turns out making a 18 building town involves quite a bit of just decorating the insides of houses. I’m fairly happy with the results though.


We`ll be excited to visit these houses


Hi, are you still looking for help with sprites ? if so I’d be interested. I made some sprites in the past and I could use that opportunity to improve as a pixel artist

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Just to keep everyone in the loop, I’ve been slowly working on the game but I’ve been very busy. I have all the maps and settings, I’ve found a cooking system, all that the game itself now needs is for me to write the events and interactions. That shouldn’t be a problem, but it will take a hot minute just because there are so many goddamn characters.

Continuing in that vein, I can always use more artists. I have been approached by someone who has said they will do the faces and even make full body images for the characters, which will be absolutely amazing. The sprites, however, are progressing very slowly. A few people have started working on them but turnover is slow so I’m always looking for more people. Please let me know if you’re interested in helping out. You’ll get to name the character, and if you do more than one you can replace one with a character of your own.


Time for another update I think. I’ll be putting more time into the game over the next few days, but recently progress has been slow. Your character will have a few choices for different activities each day, so I’ve been working on making those activities fun and engaging, not too repetitive (since you may have to do them dozens of times) and also not too long. Unfortunately, I do not have the knowledge or abilities of RPG Maker legends like WaxeRed, failmuseum or Round, so it’s taking time to figure out how to get the minigames just right.


Well, what’re you having troubles with for the minigames? Perhaps we can help.

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I don’t really know how to make my own, so I’m finding scripts online for them. The challenge is finding enough, with some variety, but still making them make sense vis a vis the activity being done. Also I’m dumb so I’m making the game in RPGM VX Ace, a program that uses RGSS3 which I know nothing about, insteat of MV, a program that uses JS, which I know moderately well… that makes adjusting the scripts a bit of a pain. I have to make them give a cumulative score, when if I’m lucky they give individual scores.


On the topic of “minigames”, if I make y’all do maths will I be receiving death threats?

  • I will find you and start living in your walls.
  • Not if it is easy maths. Nothing hard please.
  • Nah dude fuck me up with some calculus please.

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As long as it’s easy maths AND it’s not under a very narrow time limit


100% agree - no time limits if possible for maths, time limits otherwise are… okay I suppose.

Those walls are looking extra comfy today.

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Probably part of the minority but i love me some hard maths

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I did not expect the calculus kids to be beating the wall inhabitants. I think I’ll just have like some addition and multiplication questions at most. However, maybe when the game is done I’ll add a little bit of extra content hidden behind a tough question or two :smile:


I think adding some hard math is ok, one problem though I am already in your walls.


Another update for y’all. I’ve mostly been working on getting the story planned out and getting those damned minigames working, so progress on the game itself has been limited. Still, what I have should allow me to work faster in the future so it could be worse.


Thanks for the update and good luck with that !

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