Arx Puesco (From the Maker of Turris Puesco)

This is like a proof of concept of a game I’ve been working on. It’s not related to Turris Puesco outside of sharing the name and some of the combat elements, classes and skills. I’m just using my old project name for free advertising, basically. There’s hardly any content in it but I’m sharing it publicly in hopes that it lights a fire under my ass to work on it more. Here is a FAQ of sorts:

So what is the game?
It’s another turn based RPG, but this time way smaller in scope. It’s going to take heavy inspiration from Darkest Dungeon, since I played that recently and really enjoyed it. Basically, you do dungeons, get gold and upgrade your Citadel, so that you can do more dungeons, more efficiently.

How do I play it?
Download the zip in the link I posted, extract it, then run the setup file. It should open a chromium window and you can press “Continue” to start the game. None of the other links are wired up. If it doesn’t work I apologize, this is my first time using Electron to make an executable.

What language is it written in?
Javascript, Node.js, Electron.

How is the art made?
The art pieces are free SVG files that I’ve morphed using Inkscape.

When will it be done?
Probably never unless I get help. I don’t have the same motivation that I used to when working on Turris Puesco and I’m older and have responsibilities now. FeelsBadMan.

Can I help work on it?
If you want. You could help with coding, balance (someone who’s good with math would help), UI/UX design, or artwork. Send me a DM with something you’ve worked on in the past, whether it be art, an interface design, or a GitHub project. Note that I’m going to be picky since I don’t want to stray from my vision on the game or have any sort of feature bloat, otherwise it’s just never going to get finished like Turris Puesco.


Sorry for the double post, didn’t want to make the initial post too bloated. But here’s a preview of the art (not in the game yet):



The legend returns…

Can’t wait to see how this develops. Welcome back


Welcome back!

Glad to see you around again



I tried downloading it but it says I don’t have access to the game?

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I only played it for like a minute…I think I’ll wait a bit before trying it again lmao

So now we’ll focus exclusively on a team or we’ll also have a character ourselves? I know you already said it has nothing to do with TP, but I really liked the dynamics and the mechanics (for what I can remember since it can’t be played anymore) like the fairy (I hope I’m not mixing stuff up), the tailor, etc…

Also welcome back! I had been following Turris Puesco since its early days, I really liked it and I wished it could still be played…so I’m very happy that you’re finally making a new game. Good luck!

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Oh hey, you’re making a new thing. Glad you’re back into the fold. Look forward to see more.

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Looks great cant wait for more.

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You manage a squad, which will likely be max of 20 characters or something (I’ll have to check what Darkest Dungeon does) with the option to expand it. The party that you run dungeons with is 4 members of your squad, hand-picked by you.

I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel, so basically if you’ve played Darkest Dungeon it’ll have most of the same mechanics, with some of the things I disliked stripped out or tweaked. The quirk system will have fetish related quirks or mental illnesses, think things like “Stress Eater”, “Binge Eater”, “Lazy”, etc. The idea is that if you have squad members that are sitting out on runs, they will still have ways to gain weight passively through the quirk system or through town events.


so for the images, will they be the same for each character(between classes i’m assuming), or will there be some variation to them? example, barbarian with a pear distribution, vs barbarian with hourglass

I know how Darkest Dungeon works, I played it for a while, it had some interesting mechanics but I hope your game isn’t that punishing. I abandoned that game since it was too frustrating, I like challenging games but sometimes it’s just unfair and requires more grinding than what I’m willing to endure in a punishing game.

So the characters behave on their own (each has its own events and that’s it), while not on a mission, or you can control their actions? (Not counting quirks related actions of course). I’m asking this because writing X unique fixed events for Y characters may be a lot compared to having the player in control of the specific character but with less unique events and some events that every character can do but, since you’re in control, you can take different paths of that non-unique event. Just a thought.

Take your time, have fun and best wishes!

good god you are like the miyamoto, sakurai, kojima, etc. of fat kink games lmao, welcome back



honestlty from how people praise this person i have hi hopes but my only suggestion is to have some way to keep it up being the past one far has i know cant be played anymore witch sad being i wanted to check that out

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Far be it from me to raise a stinker about anything at all, but I came across something that might, just might, be a little bit of a small issue.

For reference, the application that is, at the time I’m writing this, taking up the most memory, is Firefox with 1.5K MB.
Now, anyone that’s familiar with how the task manager works, will notice that it wasn’t using up any percentage of my CPU or my internal disk. That’s because, at the time, the game had been closed for around 3-4 hours. I’ll add that, while both of the aforementioned are common for background processes, the one that’s currently taking up the most memory is taking 104 MB, and utilizing 0.2% of my CPU.
The point I’m trying to get to is: The number in that pic up there? Thems ain’t looking too normal. Might be a memory leak, some other sort of fancy CT mumbo-jumbo, I don’t know. What I do know is that, probably, that shouldn’t be happening.

Since I figure it’ll be relevant: I’m currently on a clunker of a pre-built. What would’ve qualified as mid-range in the early 2010s, running Windows 10 ATM. Replaced a couple parts, primarily the GFX card and the HDD, to a 780ti and a 2TB WD Blue internal drive. I highly doubt all of those will be particularly relevant for the diagnosis, but still. Spoiling it just so nobody derails the thread with spec talk.

This looks super good and can’t wait to try it out. One question about the art will it just be silhouettes or will there be more detail art? Ether way super excited.

I don’t know how to reply to multiple people in one post so I’ll just do it the old fashioned way.

@Parnash: You will need to be more specific otherwise I have no idea how to help.

@xoyv: There won’t be any variation.

@Horseless_Knight: It’s going to be punishing. Not in a way where it feels like you’re losing solely to RNG though, hopefully, if I balance things right.

Citadel events aren’t going to be complicated in terms of writing. I just want them to be random events that occur after a dungeon run. Quirks and events will interact with each other. So for example, a travelling merchant comes to the citadel, and you have a squad member in the reserves with the Kleptomaniac quirk, so they end up stealing something from the merchant for you. I’m sure you can imagine the possibilities with the fetish related quirks as well. It won’t require much writing and will make the characters/world feel more alive, hopefully.

@DisasterStarter: I don’t have the slightest clue on how to diagnose this, but yeah it probably is a memory leak issue. Hopefully someone else who’s a god tier coder can dive into the source code and give me a hand with that, idk.

@ffviimaster2004: Silhouettes.

To any art related questions: I’m not an artist. This is the best I can do. The anatomy will likely be off on a bunch of the silhouettes for that same reason. I still greatly prefer struggling my way through morphing SVGs as opposed to writing. Writing was extremely time consuming; I would say I spent more time writing and editing what I wrote than actually coding in Turris Puesco, and I still wasn’t satisfied with the end result.

To anyone praising me: Thank you! It’s great for my motivation to hear that people enjoy what I create, though I’m not sure I deserve to be called the King or the Kojima of anything haha. Other people have actually finished their projects here, you know.


I honestly didn’t understand it myself, so I tried downloading it again and it seems to be working now.