Ashe and Sam

Ok, update on Ashe and Sam, It’s goin pretty good so far. I estimate the first early demo to be out in 1-2 months. I am making sure everything is perfect. And other projects are slowing it down a bit but it’s my main focus. If you want I can release a secondary version that mostly just shows off art and explains some of the stuff that’s gonna happen in the story.


Okay I figured out the background but I havent gotten characters yet

oh boy another reply, I got it tho but its cropped weird. Is there a way to zoom them or anything?

Ren’py has a really good built in tutorial which should give you all the basics about handling images. And if you’re still stumped - Google. Ren’py is very popular and there are a multitude of answers out there. Very very high chance anything you’re not sure about has been covered somewhere :slight_smile:

tutorial did not cover zoom but i found answers, thanks a lot!