At what weight do you think immobility should happen in games?

Exactly what it says on the title, I’m curious to see your takes on when immobility should happen within a game and why?


Depends on the game and what kind of stats are at play. 800+ pounds for sure.

In the old game, Boundless, I liked how the immobile number could be fluid depending on your strength, with a weaker character succumbing to their mass sooner then a stronger one.


realistically, it depends on a number of factors, the single most prominent being how tall you are. If you’re taller, the same weight in lbs corresponds to less flab on the body. Now, this is only relevant to video games if you have multiple characters who: 1. all gain weight, 2. are meaningfully different heights, and 3. that they have programmatically applied weight and effects relevant to it. If we assume someone who’s of average height and strength, moving yourself around becomes impractically taxing as you approach the 700 lb mark, so for the sake of the discussion I’d say 650 is probably a good number if you’re aiming vaguely in the direction of realism.

However, it really shouldn’t ever happen in a game where immobility isn’t an intended fail state (or, yknow, win state, for some), or there are surrounding systems to accommodate your character’s loss of personal mobility, much like boundless has. The recent gain jam winner is a good example of handling variable mobility. I played a good bit of it and I never had eaten so many coins that I couldn’t move at all anymore, except for the scene in the castle witch is essentially a special fail state.


I concur with what MK.IIB said for the most part, but I’d also like to add something. Realistically, the kind of lightning-fast weight gain you typically see in this genre would be far more likely to cause immobility, assuming no corresponding muscle growth alongside it. Imagine how difficult it is to carry a 150lb weight, then imagine it suddenly attached to your skin.

Hence, the answer to the question depends primarily on how the state of immobility relates to the rest of the game’s design and gameplay loop, and secondarily to the author’s personal preferences.


Make it something like real life.

At whatever point serves the game design.

Now. I love immobility as a kink. Not gonna get into all the reasons why, but it’s almost a must have for me. But it needs to serve the game either to emphasize mechanics and the feel intended to be delivered. If your game is going to cycle up and down with a lot of wieght gained lost? You’ll wanna do that early. If it’s a fail state, similarly. If it’s incorporated into the game well. What are the needs of your game?

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Combining a couple of the ideas above, how important is mobility to the character in the game?

To use Queen Sized as an example, a monarch doesn’t need to a do a great deal that is physical. Their mind and ability to make decisions is what’s important. They’re rich and powerful enough to have servants fetch things and clean them as needed, and help them move around those few times they absolutely have to.

Now, the biggest BBW model I know of weighed around 812 pounds or so at her max. She was definitely at the line of scarcely mobile, with rising from the couch and waddling to the bed or bath being at the extreme limits of her capabilities. And the biggest confirmed weight for Mary Boberry was 614 pounds, with a rough estimate in the 620’s for her absolute largest. Mary was amazing for the sheer level of mobility she had despite her size, yet she confirmed that she was definitely at her upper limits of ability. Her knees in particular she brought up, stating they were really starting to bother her if she stood or walked for too long.

So, in video game terms, if the PC needs to accomplish anything more physical then light travel between points A and B, immobility would hit at a much smaller weight then a character facing more sedentary challenges.

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In my opinion, never.

For one I really don’t like immobility as a fetish, it never really did any thing for me.

And I REALLY dislike it in games mostly because I feel it just grinds every thing to a halt. Like, I have no issues with mobility getting impaired due to weight, but when I cannot move at all it just kinda sucks, like the game itself is saying: "Whoops! Sorry player you’re just having a bit too much fun actually playing the game right now. We’re just gonna put a quick stop to that right now. :^) "

I’m not trying to knock people who like immobility, there’s nothing wrong with liking it, I just never liked immobility in any of the weight gain games I’ve played on here.

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It honestly depends on the type of character that’s gaining.

I think it should set in near half a ton if you’re playing as your average everyday person as that is when most people lose their ability to get up and walk.

But if you’re talking about a game with a more fantastical setting or a game where your character is exceptionally strong then I think the threshold for immobility should be doubled to a ton.