Atelier Ryza fat mod

I made a mod that turns the Protagonist of Atelier Ryza into a chubby/fat girl. Currently there’s two versions of the mod, for the default outfit in the game, one that’s smaller with less clipping and one thats bigger but clips more in cutscenes.
For more information on how to install the mod, as well as some more images check out this document:


I intend to add other characters in the game and maybe even other outfits at a later point, though to what extent that will be possible I dont know yet. Unfortunately, due to the way the game is made, I can’t make the models too complex, so I wasnt able to add much fat detail and some parts of the models are hard/impossible to edit, but I’ll keep looking into how to mod this game so maybe I can figure out a solution to those issues.


I don’t play to but good job !

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