Auth0 Will Begin Blocking Some Regions on 10/17

Good day everyone!

We where just made aware that our identity provider, Auth0/Okta, will be blocking all access to their services from the following regions on 10/17 in order to comply with US Sanctions.

  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Syria
  • Crimea
  • Luhansk
  • Donetsk

What this means is users who are from or visiting the above regions will find issues accessing or trying to setup their accounts. We do not think this will affect many of our users, but there may be a small subset of our users who may be affected by this change. For more information please see the attached faq from Okta.|2022-09|SanctionsNotification&utm_id=aNK4z0000004HpcGAE&mem=link&mkt_tok=ODU1LVFBSC02OTkAAAGHPtQ4jvTspjsFamoCLHWOBQaU6sm0halLXLbj2LkJyUS73DYk4uZ_Ah-ozpSRbpsw_Ux6Ci9QvhTP2eKCUC-2cHY-IuVLH_S-2rcnhfUz0vjXxdfj