AWS Migration this Weekend

Good day everyone!

We are going to be trying to migrate the forums onto AWS this weekend. I have been working hard over the last 3-4 weeks trying to make sure everything is tested and sorted, but I know from experience that in migrations like this you never know how it will work until you try to migrate prod.

We will be doing our best to try to minimize downtime, but expect the forums to be very unstable over the course of mainly Saturday and possibly Sunday as we work out any bugs and make the changes needed for us to migrate the forums.

Thank you all very much for your understanding and patience!


I’m usually very unstable too on Saturday and Sunday…


A quick update, after fussing with the deployment all of this weekend I think I have most of the issues sorted out. The health checks are now passing and I got the cluster and DBs secured down finally.

Unfortunately, the DNS now needs some time to flush and its not likely going to be ready before the end of the night. Along with that I dont know what additional issues may occur and I still need to double check some things that require the DNS to have the correct names in it. Due to that the migration will bleed a bit into this upcoming week.

We will do our best to keep everyone informed as the situation develops and thank you all again for your patience.


The migration looks to be complete. We switched over to the AWS servers this morning and there seems to have been little to no issues thus far. We have shutdown the old server but wont be fully deleting it until the end of this week incase something forces us to fall back to it.

I would like to thank you all for your patience with us through this process! Its very much appreciated!