Axxis' smaller projects thread

I am making this thread as a thread to discuss any of my future smaller projects that don’t warrant their own threads due to tiny size of the projects involved or the quick nature that they are made.
Any updates to any of these projects on this thread will be announced via this thread and any new releases of smaller projects will be announced via this thread.

Game list:

Dress A Gummy

Play it here: Dress a Gummy by Axxisproductions (

Discussion of the smaller projects are encouraged so feel free to talk about them below :slight_smile:

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Dress a Blueberry.

A sequel to a pretty broken original game jam game now featuring tons of improvements over the original including Cleaner interface, shorter loading time, more phone friendly and addition of background music.
Updates will be documented here where necessary.

Play it here: Dress a Blueberry 2 by Axxisproductions (

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fun and cute paper doll game! kind of wish there was a way to make the screen bigger, though, unless I’m missing how to

Dress Noctella

A game where you dress up Big Booby model Noctella in form fitting clothes.
Noctella picture

Play it here: Dress Noctella by Axxisproductions (