Back from the dead~

Hello again!

It’s been literal years since I logged into Weight Gaming- I decided it’s about time to reactivate my old account and chat here with people.

I’ve had a few projects I was working on but they tended to flop. At the end of the day, I need to make more game developer friends (and that’s serious- I don’t plan to become a groupie). Hanging out with like-minded people is one of my goals of reactivating this account, so I plan to be active here as much as I can.

I’m glad to be back!


In that case, welcome back!
Quite new here myself, but am always up for a good chat!

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Thank you Izzyao! I’m sure we’ll run across each other as we explore the site

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Welcome back!

Well, I’m open to chatting if you’d like to have a friendship.

MODOK123#5483 on Discord. :slight_smile:

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glad to have you back.

Welcome back! Here’s hoping that you can find what you’re after from the community and, fingers crossed, that one of those projections might come to see fruition.

Best of luck in your ventures!

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Thank you! I hope to do so as well!

Welcome back! :slight_smile: I’m new here.