"Bad Ends" are really good.

I wanted to start a general topic on “Bad Endings” in weight gain fetish games.

Just kinda your thoughts on them, what you like or hate about them, yadda yadda.

As kind of an example, you can look to The currently unamed stuffing rpg - #343 or any of https://twitter.com/j8867bbw stuff.

Though in these contexts it’s typically an “Oh no we have failed to do the thing and will now be forcefully fattened to ridiculous proportions” kind of bad end. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course, I love them, but I would love to see more bad ends that come about from you choosing to do bad/evil things and becoming a gluttonous villain.

I find that in the WG community that bad ends are a bit more common, though not by that much. I know it adds more work for game makers, but it would be a nice thing to have a bit more often.

Those are my brief thoughts, what about yall?


If the game structure allows it, I think the player should get a second chance after Game Over.

Let’s say you’re playing an RPG game. You die, but it’s not the end of the game for you.
Instead, you’re fattened up and lose some of your money/items (example: Fatty Txt Adv)

There’s also a difference between a game over ending and consequence of choices bad ending. Everything really depends on the context

My big gripe about bad ends is that I personally like the slow progression of fattening up over time, and a lot of “bad ends” I see just jump straight from slim to uber fat. Plus it’s annoying in general to have to do things twice to see the rewarding content, though that can be alleviated with bad end viewers.


I certainly have mixed feelings regarding bad ends. On the one hand, they tend to be my favourite endings in weight gain games, but that’s where the problem lies. Namely, the good end I should be striving for isn’t the one I actually want.

A good example was one j8867bbw’s game, Pkinad’s Prison. My fav ending was the slob ending, not the true one.

I did a really long post on another topic regarding a similar question. To summarize, a lot of games use immobility and getting too fat to continue as a game’s failure state, which I feel is a major flaw in a game centered around weight gain. Why would I want to actually try to achieve the proper ending when what I want to have happen will occur if I do nothing?

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I personally rather enjoy them, personally i prefer when the creator shows the protagonists either submitting to their fate, coming to enjoy their fate or even (Dare i say) Enjoying their fate as immobile blobs more than walking around. Exhibit A. the first ending in Pkiniads Prison. Exhibit B, Sylvianna’s whole quirk from Lanna. Exhibit C, The beginning of the recent update of Lanna whereThey end up immobile via a demon commander (i am presuming as of june 2018)
I just find it rather boring and cliche when the person receiving isn’t deep down a feedee, it can be buried under layers of rejection to the point of subconcious. But too often are characters in these games just normal girls who don’t really care one way or another, the fact that most people don’t have them be feedees deep down i find rather surprising, it’s usually (If the protagonist is male) the protagonist being the feeder and the girl/s going along with it for one reason or another. To tie back to the bad ends, they should still be bad ends, i.e the world gets screwed over or the protagonists fail in their quest, but i just wish more of them would be (forced or not) accepting and possibly loving of their fate.

Tl;DR Don’t like the cliche of characters not being feedees when they gain weight, and even if it makes for darker stories i would enjoy seeing more bad ends with the feedee/s resigned to their fate or loving of their fate.


Now that you mention it, bad endings in WG games aren’t so bad.

personaly I have no problem with bad ends but do feel they should not be the only source of weight gain. just hey you messed up so get a image of your group super fat know play again and see if you can’t get fatter on your own


I don’t recall the exact name but I know there is a game on this site that only has weight gain From bad ends. I don’t play the game becuase well I don’t like having to lose to have my interests explored

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I don’t like having to lose to have my interests explored

This. So much. While Eat the Dungeon! is fun and you can’t let all your characters remain fat cos you need the XP, I feel sad when seeing one of the characters going back to being thin again in a matter of seconds, especially when she just has reached a new picture of how fat she is. Using her will be easier, before she balloons up again, but also less hot…

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I kind of have mixed feelings about bad ends.

There are many games where the design is fairly “flat and wide”; that is if you were to draw out a graph of the choices you make each individual path (whether good or bad) is on the short side leading to an ending, but there are many endings. An example would be the various versions of “Hill House”. It’s like the author has tried to add as many changes in as possible, but isn’t prepared to deal with the resulting combinatorial explosion, so each ending rapidly shows the result of whatever happened. Having said that, they can be fun short games, and finding all the endings is often rewarded.

A variant on these is time-limited games, maybe you have a fixed number of days before the end; and after that time the end kicks in depending on what you’ve done.

Let’s but rogue-likes to one side as well; it’s player vs. dungeon, and you are going to die, a lot. It’s mostly bad ends, but that’s the whole basis of the game. It wouldn’t be a rogue game if those weren’t there. Over time you can learn about the rules of the game, and developing strategies to survive longer is the essence of the game. I’ve no issues with bad ends in these.

Then, there’s the rest. And this is where I’m less fond of bad ends. Sure, if it’s well signposted, and I did dumb thing to see what happens, then that’s on me. But if it isn’t well signposted, then I really don’t like them. There’s the famous cruelty scale. For me, anything beyond “tough” is likely to put me off continuing. I play games to relax, not to get wound up.

All this is generic stuff. Specifically for WG games, for me, any bad end has to be well written enough to be a reward, and not seem like a get-out for not writing more. Also, unless there is a goal for the best ending set out at the start, it seems judgemental on the author’s part to say which ending is the best one - better to just call them endings maybe?

I was about to say I adore bad endings, but reading this thread showed me there’s more consider with this topic.

First off, I will say that I love what I’ll call “extended Game Overs”. You know, scenes like the ones in the Currently Unnamed Stuffing RPG (man that’s a mouthful) where you lose to a boss and get a special scene before actually getting a game over. I love those scenes as they’re implemented in that game, because – first of all – they’re unintrusive. The game is easy enough that you’ll never really see them after actually losing unless you die on purpose. There’s also the ability to simply view all these scenarios independently after you pass that specific ppint in the game, without even having to see them yourself legitimately. They also just provide lots of opportunity for WG content in general, because seeing the characters descend (usually unwillingly) into hedonistic blobs doesn’t really allow for the continuation of regular gameplay after that point. So, for the way that game in particular handles it, I love those sorts of “what if” failures going off of all the different WG scenarios the characters and situations provide. It’s just whether or not one actually likes said content of those scenarios is down to personal preference.

It’s when those scenarios are a proper ending that it gets trickier. It’s been previously stated in this thread that what’s considered the “bad” ending by the game dev is considered more desirable by the player themself. I think, particularly in this weird sphere of video games, simply categorizing endings as “good”, “bad”, “true”, etc is maybe a bit of a shortcoming both on the dev and viewer’s part because of how limiting it is. There are all sorts of preferences people have with weight gain and all the different fetishes that go along with it. One man’s bad ending is another man’s best ending is basically what I’m getting at. Of course, at the end of the day, it’s up to the dev to decide which ending they think is “good”, “bad”, or “best” in their game, or if the endings are even classified as such, but personally I don’t let that get in my way much. If I find a “bad” ending enjoyable, I’m not disappointed that it’s considered bad, I’ll just take it for what it is as a bit of WG content and continue on to see what other fats the game has to offer.

Geez, I’m tired and rambly.


I can eat up quick “what if” game over scenarios all day, but it gets complicated on the topic of proper endings to games. Basically, there will likely be a discrepancy between what the dev wants their game to be vs what a player wants out if it fetish-wise. If the game is well-designed, I prefer not to be too picky: at the end of the day, if it’s fat content I like, it’s fat content I like.