Mount & Blade II went into Early Access last week, shipping with a stripped-down version of the character creator. A mod has already been released to enable all of the features that are supposed to be present, including height, weight, and musculature.
Do we think that M&BII has the potential for getting a weight gain mod in future?


Honestly, I don’t see why not. Some of the mods in Warband were pretty massive (the Lord of the Rings total conversion mod comes to mind), so having a weight gain system almost seems like small beans by comparison.

I really like the idea of my tubby merchant traveling from one end of Calradia to the other, slowly swelling up with each mile put under her feet. Well, her horses/carriages/palanquin slaves’ feet.


When a game has weight sliders and enough customisability in character appearance, WG mods are very much doable, provided somebody has the patience and interest.

I can see two components that would be needed; first, the creation of a slider curve that can shift between skinny and fat states. Secondly, a system that tracks the consumption of food and exercise by the player and shifts player weight accordingly. I don’t see how either would be a major struggle, though getting a slider combo that looks nice (or creating a custom slider instead) takes time and knowledge.


Aye, as those systems have been implemented for Skyrim (by several different people on both NM and LL) that should be simple enough for someone who knows how the systems work to figure out.

Personally, I’m just waiting for the inevitable pregnancy overhaul.

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I mean I’ll be keeping an eye open for any weight gain mods or even a better body mod

Some better voices would be nice, as well. Everyone sounds like they’re starring in Spartacus or narrating 300.

I bought the game, can’t wait for the Immobile mods to come and waiting for the caravans to come to feed me.

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There is weight gain in bannerlord when you wait in a town for a day or two your character will get fat (well a bit chubby)

I haven’t noticed that. I’ve had my character wait in a town for a solid week recovering from injures and nothing changed

Its hard to notice a difference in armor but If you hit V you can bring character customization back up to see it better

I think this is the max weight though


Hmm yeah there does seem to be a bit of a difference. Thanks for the sharing the screen shot my dude!

Also there are a couple of mods out there that can make your character seem a lot bigger, and for the most part clipping isn’t too bad except for a few dresses. Full Body Sliders and Detailed Character Creation