BanQuesT Alpha Status



I’m getting pretty close to a playable alpha with this game, so this topic will be here to track progress. I’ll probably update it periodically as things get completed.

Here’s a roadmap to the alpha, along with some links to the existing rules documents. Anything and everything is still subject to change.

Overall: 60%

Core Rules: 100%

Character Generation: 80%
–> Initial races are complete

Character Skills: 75%
–> Agility Skill is COMPLETE
–> Arms Skill is COMPLETE
–> Attention Skill is COMPLETE
–> Defense Skill is COMPLETE
–> Diablerie Skill is COMPLETE (Edit: Sans corruption tables!)
–> Finesse Skill is COMPLETE
–> Glamour Skill is COMPLETE
–> Gourmalchemy Skill is at 40%
–> Guard Skill is cOMPLETE.
–> Marksmanship is COMPLETE.
–> Persuasion Skill is at 10%
–> Runescript Skill is at 20%
–> Scolarship Skill is COMPLETE.
–> Stalking is at 0%
–> Varojection is COMPLETE.

Weight Gain Rules: 30%
–> The weight gain mechanism is complete.
–> The Apple fat map is at 0%
–> The Peanut fat map is at 66%
–> The Pear fat map is at 0%

Player Advancement Rules: 50%
–> Adventuring Badges are at 80%ish
–> Expansion Badges are at 70%ish
–> No skill badges are done.

DM Screen Tools: ??%
–> 12 monsters are fully designed
–> Carousing table is finished
–> Equipment lists are still under construction.


1/22: I’ve been working primarily on the 5 magic skills for a while, and I think they’ll be the biggest struggle to get in order. I’ve already got 3 of them down and out of the way, with Runescript and Gourmalchemy being the most complex skills in the game to design and balance. The martial skills (Arms, Finesse, Sharpshooting) will definitely take the next most time to complete, and then all of the other skills mostly provide easy-to-make passive bonuses.

The other biggest thing to get out of the way before the game is playable is the Fat Maps. These are the blueprints that let you customize your character’s physical relationship with their weight, and determine whether and how they are penalized or rewarded for their size.

I’m sure there will be a ton of kinks (not the good kind) to work out once virtual dice hit virtual table, but we’ll worry about that when we get there.


1/24 Added the Arms and Scholarship skills (now linked above and ready for the playtest), added a segment of the core rules about persuading NPCs of things which will eventually tie in to the Persuasion skill. The peanut fat map is more like 66% of the way done now, too.

As I suspected, the non-magic skills are taking a lot less time to develop than the magic ones, and the non-combat skills are taking a lot less time to develop than the combat skills.


1/25: Defense and Attention bring us to just over halfway done with skills. Did some more piecemeal work on Runescript and Gourmalchemy, too, which are the most complicated remaining skills. As a personal note, linking these documents to you guys definitely motivated me to work on this more actively, so thanks for all your feedback so far!


Finesse and Marksmanship are pretty much done, and the Guard skill is about halfway. There’s also a messy section in the main manual now about equipment, but only melee and ranged weapons are done as of now.


Lesser wands, nonmagical shields and armor added to the main manual. The Guard skill is now finished.

February is turning out to be fairly busy, and I’m going to push back the hopeful playtesting start date to March.


February was, indeed, ridiculously busy for me between work and a brief stint travelling! I’ll probably get back to work on Banquest in a week or so; in the meantime, only some minor tweaks here and there have manifested since last update. (I have, however, gotten some work done on other projects, so I don’t feel too bad about the delay.)

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