Banquet for the Undying Famine - A SMT inspired RPG (Halloween Update!)

Thanks for the feedback!
FP generation is separate for each character, this is 100% intentional. A general pool of FP might be worth looking into as an option. As for the red portal not giving a Kebechet option I’ll look into it and fix it asap! Thanks!

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Made a hotfix for the issues regarding the recent update!
Read the details here!




Added a new secret boss
Added new item (Candy)
Added a new enemy
Added stomping SFX for obesity
Added a generic NPC
Ton of new dialogue for NPCs and branching dialogue paths based on character weights
Added a burp on command button (R)
Every chest has been changed to a spooky Jack O’ Lantern
Fixed minor spelling errors



I LOVE games like this, SMT and EO are some of my favorite game series, so when I saw it in the topics i had to try it and found I actually had a lot to say about it lol, hopefully there’s something constructive in this for you

I really like the aesthetic and the art style is both fitting and pretty cute, I liked it a lot. The UI is good though I do think the press turn icons should be a little more clear at a glance what’s a half turn and what’s a whole turn, if not literally halving the icon then maybe a different color? In any case I always love first person battle views and this one looks good, though i do wish the text could be made a bit bigger in the options or something, especially if this game is made for phone compatibility as the use of the touchscreen rpgm layout suggests.

Speaking of options I would really love a control rebinding menu, I found it really irritating how the left and right arrow keys are unchangeably strafe instead of turn. Clearly the game is made with wasd controls in mind but it’d be nice to have more complete controls for the other side of the keyboard. If a rebinding menu isn’t possible, strafe and turn should probably be swapped from how they are, as turning is more crucial while strafe is mostly qol for quick movement.

Overall though I like how many options there are, having toggles for lighting effects and such is always great accessibility and I love to see it :3

As usual its always pretty impressive to see first person dungeons in rpgm games. As of writing I’m still on the first “floor” but the layout of it is decently designed, plenty of shortcuts and not too corridor-like, though it’d be a little easier to navigate if pits, water tiles, and other seemingly-uncrossable bits were colored differently from normal floor. Feels like I’d have a good mental map of it’s layout if the party moved a little slower, maybe always dash should be off by default? Dunno

The starting experience is a little rough. The intro is cool and there’s a short tutorial about the mechanics, but I did have to restart the initial battle once because the tutorial prompts default to “skip” and I wasn’t expecting it the first time around and skipped them. Once you’re in the dungeon though it gets a little sketchy, the only place to really Go is the encounter with beatrice, which I found difficult because i didnt realize I was supposed to burn through my healing items to outlast the battle. It’s not a bad thing exactly, but it was initially a little frustrating. Not exactly sure how you would rectify that other than reminding players about the item command during the fight lol, which is a little heavy handed.

My final note about the intro is that there should probably be some mention that you have to go to the skills menu to spend your FP, I initially expected it to be related to the portals and was trying to make it teach me skills :sweat_smile:

Battles themselves are fun, I liked that enemies names would turn yellow when i could safely eat them, though i didnt notice at first, and once you’ve got to like lv3 you can use the skill decently often and it adds a fun dynamic, kinda like pokemon catching. It is a little confusing to have beatrice learn 3 skills that all have the same visible stats in the learn menu, all have the same learn cost, and all have the same description, maybe make the tier 2 and 3 versions more expensive or add a rough power ranking/mp cost to the visible stats in the learn dialogue?

All in all I have been enjoying so far and will play further but wanted to write down some thoughts in case I forgot, hopefully nothing came off too harsh because overall its a good project!! The only thing here which I think is more important than like, ‘nitpick’ tier is the turn/strafe swap, that’s actually rather cumbersome.

Looking forward to where this goes :3


ermm i think shin megami tensei is pretty flipping awesome and uhhh this is pretty cool teehee

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Thank you so much for the feedback and I’m glad you tried my game!

I will for sure look into rebinding options and making the map more readable with more colors and icons.

Your thoughts on the intro and initial Beatrice fight is helpful, and things like explaining the skill learning is done via the menu is important so I can guide new players in the right directions. I will for sure make the descriptions/stats visible/different, and do more icons and such to make the skills feel more distinct, especially when moving toward character special moves.

I appreciate you mentioning details like clarity of press turn icons and other smaller issues which I will for sure change, feedback is always appreciated.

I can’t promise all of these ideas will be implemented right away but I will work to ensure I am adding new features will patching up and fixing important stuff as I keep moving forward.

Thank you!


Hey, I’m really glad it was helpful, I was worried it would come off as too harsh when I actually quite liked the project where it’s at already, and yeah certainly no rush on Fixing Every Little Thing, I get the game dev stuff is HARD :sweat_smile: thanks for reading my thoughts though, and good luck with continued progress :3

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How fat can the characters get so far and how fat do you plan on them getting?

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There are six portraits for each character, going from thin to large. I will stick to these 6 stages but as I improve my art I will probably go back and change some of the art. I usually like characters on the verge of immobility so that’s the final stage I would like to aim for each character.


cool game, nice job :3

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