Banquet for the Undying Famine - A SMT inspired RPG (Anniversary Update!)

Follow Queen, a zombie woman without her memories as she awakes in the circle of hell, Gluttony.

Devour the delicious enemies that roam Hell utilizing press turn combat.

Explore Hell and find secrets with first person dungeon crawling.

Grow your team of allies and learn new abilities by eating your enemies! Spend points earned by eating on new skills and abilities.

If you ever played Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey or Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga you will find the mechanics and game play familiar.

This is my first game and project and I’m extremely excited to share it with you all.


Would love to hear any and all feed back. If you want to reach out to me, you can do so here, but I also have a twitter which I am more active on where I will try my best to post the latest developments of the game.

Thank you for trying my game!

Known Bugs
  • A bug where “Portein Shake” will give weight, but does not update character buffs/sprite (This can be updated easily by just trying to eat an enemy)

  • The first OEA location gives Queen FP when extracting from Beatrice. (The second OEA location works at Cerberus’ arena, use that for Beatrice in the meantime.)

Game Mechanics

The eat command

Eat is an almighty attack that goes through enemy elemental defenses, its damage scales with player level. Eat restores health to the user equal to the damage dealt. When eat is used, the user will incur the “Full” status ailment and will no longer be able to use eat for a few turns. If an enemy is killed with the eat command the user will gain weight.


Exact character weight can be found in the status screen menu. Weight happens in 4 stages with 6 unique sprites to showcase change. At base, the character will have no changes to stats. When the character becomes chubby, they will recieve a 5% buff to HP, MP, defense, magic defense and a 5% penalty to agility. At fat, the character will receive a 15% change to these stats and at obese the change becomes 30%. Certain skills will receive bonuses or penalties based on weight.

Press Turn Combat

Enemies and allies will be granted 1 turn for each party member they have. This turn can be “pressed” and used again when the user gets a critical strike, or exploits an enemy weakness. Turns can also be lost by hitting into enemy elemental nullification.

OEA and FP

FP is the currency used to buy skills for characters. FP is earned by a very small amount in battle by defeating enemies. By going to the OEA, you can exchange a character’s weight for FP. Doing so will reset the character’s weight to 0 but grant FP equal to the amount of weight lost.

Planned Features and Changes
  • A full-length RPG
  • 5+ Playable characters
  • 3+ Areas
  • 6 Elemental spell types and many more skills
  • Original music, SFX, textures, and icons
  • Multiple special event CGs witha CG viewer
  • Full map view with icons for areas of importance
  • Character dialogue for different stages of weight
  • Dungeon traps, doors, and puzzles that involve the parties’ weight
  • Party weight slowing down movement (optional toggle) with effects
  • General battle design balancing

Oh sweet! Never thought I’d see a dungeon crawler here.

As an SMT guy, this is right up my alley. I’ll be eagerly watching this.

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YEAH SO EXCITED. Queen has such a cool design.

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where is the “watch career with great interest” pictures

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Ah yeah thank you I had completely forgotten that famous Yoda quote. :thinking:

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Man, the press turn system is so good. Looking forward to munching on some demons!

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Definitely colored as interested.

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Gentleman, you had my curiosity.
But now you have my attention.

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You know…I think this is the first time (that I know of) I’ve seen anyone use a first-person view for any RPG Maker game. Let’s see what happens.

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not the first time, UrgUrgUrg had their sumo game in FPV, there is also HHE-V that is in it

You had me at Shin Megami Tensei so I may need to check this out.

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I haven’t heard of them; are they any good?

not going to lie but that outfit for the size growth stages look kinda sexy


Hey just wanted to give a quick update on progress on Demo 1 so far!

I’ve ironed out most of the kinks in the combat and weight system. It won’t be perfect, but I hope you will be able to enjoy the demo when it comes! I will probably release the demo sometime late April at this rate, I wanna make sure I can scrub as many issues as I can before releasing demo 1.

What to expect from Demo 1:

  • 2 Playable party members, Queen and an unnamed WIP vampire character. (With more coming in later updates!)
  • 5+ unique enemies to fight!
  • 10+ unique skills and spells to learn for your party members.
  • A boss with unique mechanics!
  • Unique story and character CGs (most are not final).
  • Full functionality of the weight system, battle system, and more.

Don’t be fooled by this list of features! The full game will include much more!

Thank you for showing interest in my project!


looks really fuckin cool!


There’s no way bro, this looks sick as hell


Just updated the OP, the demo is out now!


I love it, it may be a demo but it paints a great picture of the concept. Good fun.


This was an excellent demo! I loved the art and while it’s early, I think the characters have a great start so far. My feedback would be that the 2nd dungeons map feels too zoomed in, and it only starts tracking you once you get deeper into the dungeon so I got lost a lot. Also the dialogue between Queen and Vampire needs to have spaces between the words. As is I could read it, but with some difficulty as everything was typed together kindoflikethis. Overall a great start, and I look forward to more of Banquet for the Undying Famine!