based on a dream i had

so there are often times i get weird dreams that i can kind of actually interpret, and last night i actually had one that you guys might be interested in. i had a dream about a WG game that came out on steam, and while it got a little weird(don’t judge me for this) it was really good as far as WG goes

the basic idea was that it was a sort of “custom maid” game, but focused around a gym. a female only gym. you’d set up various rooms and facilities, girls would come in, work out, do their reps, and such. the one element that comes in is that you could sell various powders ontop of charging for entry. whey, energy powder, that sort of stuff. of course you could also spike said powder for various effects, causing them to gain either muscle(this wasn’t JUST a weight focused game) or weight, and cause their confidence to grow or take a hit. from their you could offer them “premium” memberships, where not only do you get more money off of them, but they also get access to the private facilities that you have set up, and with premium memberships come special events, such as body building contests, fashion shows, or…some thing for heavier clients(idk, eating contests?). of course, there IS the option to have “private time” with the clients, which can range from simple interaction/helping them with reps, helping them cool off/relax(with massages or hot tub time), to…you know, sex. unprofessional yeah, but videogame

as for characters themselves, they’d have full 3d models, and can range from randomized to custom made. body wise they can range from chubby, to athletic, but only through working out could they hit the higher levels(bbw to ssbbw, muscular to amazonian, or ever a combination of muscle and fat). possible mild jiggle physics for fatter clients, and body sheen for ones working out(sweat and all that).

aaand that’s about it. mild muscle growth, weight gain, possible mindbreak, that sort of thing. how does it sound?


Sounds like a pretty cool idea to me, if you ever start development on this game I’d be hyped!

Sounds very nice.

I had lately some similar dream, but more about the rules of a RPG game - together with a title:

“skin and bones” - where skin of course is where all your fat goes :slight_smile:

A character has 5 basic attributes:
Skin (breast + belly + butt + visceral fat),
Bones (size + figure),
Blood (stamina + physique),
Brawn (strength + agility) and
Brains (knowledge + intellect)

To the player only those five are visible, internally each is the sum of the values in parentheses and some additional values are used.

size, stamina, strength and knowledge range from 1 to 15 (for size 1 means 140cm or 4’7", size 15 means 210cm or 6’11", for the others the value indicate the years of training the character spend on them)

size can only be changed by magic (potions),
stamina can be increased by cardio-training (treadmills),
strength can be increased by weight-lifting (barbells),
knowledge can be increased by studying (maybe quick by spellbooks or scrolls)
and of course eating affects all skin attributes…

breast, belly, butt, figure, physique, agility and intellect range from 0 to 6, 3 is average.

figure: 0 = frail, delicate, tender, sturdy, robust, tough, steadfast = 6
physique: decrepit, peaky, weak, bearing, healthy, bouncing, resilient
agility: inapt, cumbrous, clumsy, mobile, nimble, swift, lightning fast
intellect: moronic, dumb, slow, able, smart, bright, brilliant

those parts of the attributes improve at level ups.

I can give you a lot more details about the other necessary values and the formulas to calculate weight, speed, metabolism etc. if you are interested in such a kind of skill-system. You may use it for your game (creative commons).


Have you considered making the acronym for the attributes be ssbbw? Like Skin, Smarts, Bones, Blood, and Work? Work as in like the force they can apply.

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Nice idea - I’ll think about it.

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