Basilisk Mountain

Hi, I’ve been lurking for a little bit and have finally decided to make my own account and showcase a game I’m making.

It is still in the early stages so any feedback/suggestions at all would be really appreciated!

I plan to add flavour text for how the character grows, romances, more general content e.g. monsters, rooms, items.

Currently it is male only but eventually I will get around to making a female player option and probably some female romances too.

Also if you know how to add HTML files to so they can be played in browser and downloaded I would really appreciate that!

The game’s kinks are; weight gain, inflation, vore (is optional for all enemies that you can vore). Kinks TBA; Oviposition (will be optional and only included in a few scenes).

Any kinks that you would like to see? Please let me know!


Color me intrigued, I will be keeping an eye on this.


Haven’t posted one of these yet. Interested to see where this goes.
the post


This is intriguing, I shall also watch with a keen eye. Can’t wait to see where this goes.


I’ve updated the game so now there is more content such as; vore, more places and items, more endings, a shop.

The next update should add a romanceable character, a secret boss, an optional mini boss, and maybe even the 1st boss which will conclude this stage. Although the first boss might be added later than that.


I’m liking the new update so far, just ran into a possible mistake with the well. If you ‘drop a coin’ into the well and move on, you will get the text if, ‘maybe you shouldn’t have drunk from the well’ and get the exploding ending.

I’m still going to explore what else is new here, but I like what I see. :smile:


The well does probably need some polishing but if you get your capacity up before you drink from the well, you won’t explode.

It’ll eventually lead to a secret boss/more content.

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Hey, the game seems very nice, but I’ve found three mistakes (by now): if you get on crossroads, you can choose only the right tunnel, the left will display an empty message. The same case with the chamber with door and lever - if you decide to use the handle, a blank message appears. And the last one, if you want to exit the shop, it’s impossible - you always get to a staircase, which shows a “Double-click to edit” placeholder text. The other two bugs seem irrelevant to the gameplay, but this shop exit thing should be repaired quickly.


Thanks for your feedback! Those parts of the game haven’t been written yet, they will most likely appear in the next update.

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I get the error “no valid storage adapter found” when I try to play the game

I believe this means something is up with your web browser. It may be too old or perhaps you have cookies disabled.

I’ve made some more content such as, the start of a romance, circling back so you can fully search this stage once completing an area (excluding areas I haven’t written yet), bug fixes.

I didn’t have time to get all I wanted done so hopefully I’ll have made way more progress next update.

Heya! Played the game through a bit, and I love what there is to offer so far! Some bugs I found though, if you eat something from your inventory and then decide to eat something else before ‘returning’ to the previous screen you get trapped in a loop of the consumption screen instead of going back to the game.
Adding on to what ConsolePeasant said, I’ve found the same bug but with the “Move On” option as well, the only way to safely progress is to reach for a gemstone.

I’d say the best course of action for now is to focus on new content; although it is technically a male PC there’s not enough description for it to be completely ‘associated’, rather, it seems to be gender neutral and the reader can fill in the blanks. Others may want more detail though, so this may very much just be a personal preference.