Bastard Bonds

Hello! I wanted to share my progress on doing some custome sprites for the Game Bastard Bonds. If you haven’t checked it yet, it is a very solid RPG game with a lot of eye candy.

Link to the game on steam: Bastard Bonds on Steam

Here is the character that I did using the in-game tools:

(I will add additional images on other posts because I am only allowed to post a single image by post :frowning: )


Here are my mods for my MC:

It is pretty easy to change any and all characters in the game as long as you have their names. For example this very useful witch that can charm my enemies to make them allies:

Is turning into this Master Feeder that will make my enemies submit to my orders ;D :

The game itself contains a small guide to add your own custom sprites. Sadly they are restricted to 80x64.

I hope to keep working on this because the game by itself is amazing and I feel that adding even fatter characters will just improve it :stuck_out_tongue: If you have some custom charas of your own please share them too :smiley: would love to see them.

Oh and since I am just starting to draw I would appreciate any critiques!

Wait is this an actual mod I can install for the game? I’d give it another chance if I had this mod.