Be wary of armchairs

So, I was having a good run so far, 400lbs and a bunch of potions and food. then I make the worst mistake of my life. I was in the bar and I decide to sit in the armchair in the room and SAVE. I sit on it for a while before attempting to leave and then… “you struggle to get out of the armchair, but your epic thighs and ample buttocks are wedged tight” I try again, and again, again but alas, I cannot leave, this is my fate. I can’t even crush the chair with a ultra foomph. so before I finish this, I must say this, stay AWAY from armchairs.


The true 400 pound armchair experience…


metroid prime has met it’s succesor in the wierd alley


Thanks for letting me know about this. Seems I forgot to set the break weight on the armchairs at all! A fix will be in the next release.

In the meantime, in debug mode the command:
will fix the problem and allow it to break under your weight after your next turn.

It does seem fair: OP’s bum/thighs are over 2’3" (70cm) wide at this point!

It’s not a game I’ve played so I’m curious what you mean.


Don’t worry, Junji Ito taught me that already.

there was a glitch were if you saved and loaded at a certain spot then you could not progress