Becky's Binge & Anna's Wedding Questions [ANSWERED]

Hi there, long-time lurker here. I wanted to ask a couple of questions about some classic Quest WG games that I haven’t been able to find answers to anywhere else. I know they’re old games now, but Becky’s Binge and Anna’s Wedding are two of my favourites, so any help would be much appreciated.

Firstly, I followed a walkthrough someone posted on here to help others achieve the best ending in Becky’s Binge. I thought I read somewhere that there was supposed to be a message on the ending screen if the player achieved the perfect ending. Ignoring the error the walkthrough made on the eating of the biscuits, I achieved 547lbs (I believe). I can’t remember the exact score, although if that would help, I’d be happy to follow the required steps again. Is this the best ending or not?

Secondly, regarding Anna’s Wedding. I followed the post made by Jerkajerk on how to get Anna to 400lbs, which I believe to be the best ending for her, but the author Machodummy seemed to suggest that her sister could reach Anna’s starting weight (or thereabouts) in the family photo at the end. After trying numerous things, I could only ever get her to reach 170lbs, which I assume is the “chubby” rather than the “obese” state that, according to the author, she’s supposed to be able to reach. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for any help you guys may be able to provide.

TL;DR - Is 547lbs the best ending for Becky’s Binge and is 170lbs and 400lbs the best endings for Anna’s sister and Anna herself, respectively, in Anna’s Wedding?

Edit: LurkingLemming has provided amazing answers to my questions and has gone above and beyond what I asked. It should also be of use to anyone else who wanted to know the same thing. Cheers, LL.

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I can’t speak for Becky’s Binge, as I was pretty terrible at that one. I’m pretty sure 170 or so is as big as the sister can get in Anna’s wedding.

Thanks for the response. Becky’s Binge is my favourite WG story and game of all time, I played the hell out of it and was delighted that there was more to discover, but likewise I was terrible at first. As for Anna’s Wedding, I’d normally have been satisfied with the result if it weren’t for the author saying you could get the sister to near Anna’s starting weight on the main game thread on this forum, otherwise I’d have left it as is. Thanks anyway, though.


I think someone did post a series of things you should do in order to achieve the highest weight possible in Becky’s Binge though I can’t remember exactly (I know that the violin may have a treat in it if you wait until a certain point, so there is a weird order that must be followed).
Not sure about Anna’s wedding so maybe I’ll look that up to see what I can find.

Thank you for replying. Yeah, I found the walkthrough on Becky’s Binge here - Becky's Binge question - #7 by Toomsberry_Crunch. All is correct AFAIK apart from the biscuits, which you must eat after the breakfast has been made otherwise Becky’ll drop the eggs. I’m just wondering if that was the perfect run because there was no message at the end saying so, which I thought I read on the original forum post there would be.

As for Anna’s Wedding, I couldn’t find anything that describes an exact walkthrough - Anna's Wedding - #74 by jerkajerk, this being the next best thing. However, it isn’t perfect and using my initiative I achieved subtly different results in regards to Anna’s sister. It is, I think a perfect run for Anna herself, however. What I’d like to know in this case is whether 170lbs is the maximum for Anna’s sister, considering Machodummy says somewhere above in that forum post that she can nearly reach Anna’s starting weight (which is around 220).

You can get the sister to become Anna’s beginning size at the end by making sure to break the size 16 shorts at the beginning and making sure to look at Anna’s sister near the end of game with the ruined wedding dress.

Thanks for the response. The walkthrough failed to explain the correct order required for putting on the size 16 shorts (as they don’t break immediately). After eating the Twix and the Dairy Milk they break properly (which I didn’t achieve before). Thank you very much. I can confirm that it helped result in the correct ending. As for my other question, you don’t also happen to know if 547lbs is the perfect ending for Becky’s Binge as well?


The highest weight you can get in Becky’s Binge is 587, and you need to get a score of >24000 to hit that weight in the ending (which you can barely hit if you do everything perfectly). There’s a lot of weird hoops you gotta go through to beat that score (setting up a bunch of flags by looking and interacting with objects in a specific order), and on top of everything else, the game can bug out at the end if you eat everything prior to dinner.

I figured I might as well go all out and write out some checklists to get to that ending based off what I did in my old save and checking the code (spoiler’d for anyone wanting to go in blind, save for the game-breaking bug):

Pound Notes Checklist

There are 65 pounds to be found.
-Look at the bookshelf and read Robinson Crusoe for 10 pounds (Bedroom)
-Open handbag and open purse for 45 pounds (Bedroom)
-After lunch and a score of less than 10000, sit on the sofa and find yourself an easy-to-miss 10 pounds. Best done after eating a complete breakfast, a packet of biscuits, and lunch.

Food Checklist

These food are required to get a score of over 24000
Lunch: Grande Italiano Deal (costs 25 pounds + requires voucher)
Dinner: Half an Aromatic Duck, Chicken Chow Mein, Starter Selection for Two, Lamb Passanda (costs 40 pounds)

Arousal Checklist

-Open wardrobe, wear size L Underwear.
-Open safe (input 1309), wear bracelet.
-On Instagram, reply to the comment after hitting a score of more than 7500. Easiest way to reach this is by simply eating a complete breakfast, a packet of biscuits, and lunch. After doing so, play the violin three times and then look at the violin to get a packet of Tangfastics.
-Once Beckie’s already eaten lunch and did the previous steps, watch Redtube. Enjoy some extra calories and some minor alterations to the ending.

Hidden/Misc. Notes Checklist

-Lard is hidden in the vegetable drawer. Look at it twice to find it.
-Fruit becomes edible at a score of 9000, Lard and Oil become edible at a score of 15000.
-To get the voucher, check the unopened mail in the living room, then go upstairs to the parents’ room and search their drawer
-Upstairs is inaccessible at a score of 12000
-Packet of Biscuits is unobtainable at a score of 10000
-Cleaning the house becomes unavailable at a score of 10000

Do not eat everything possible prior to dinner. If you do, this will put the game into a state where it’s impossible to see the ending room as it’s coded in a way to put Beckie into the bathroom after eating dinner, when it’s supposed to send you straight to the ending to avoid having to wait out the timer.

Hopefully I got down everything correctly. Good luck on getting the “best” ending!

P.S. Fun fact with Anna’s Wedding, but there’s a hidden alteration to the ending sequence if you read the bible in every room it can be brought into. Not sure if anyone’s brought that one up. It’s crazy what kind of stuff Machodummy has hidden in the game that most people may have missed.


Holy shit, mate, thank you so much. This is way more than I could have asked for, thank you. It’s not only a detailed guide but is an intimate view of how Machodummy set up these incredible games and secrets he hid in them. Regarding the Bible, that’s also amazing and no I don’t think anyone’s brought that up before. I’m going to have to try that! I can’t thank you enough. Awesome work.

And I now have to replay Anna’s wedding, since I never got the sister up to max, lol.

That’s what I find so fantastic with these two games. Just when you think you’ve discovered everything, there’s something else to find. I love it.

I need to stop reading threads like this. I also now want to replay Becky’s binge… and try out Anna’s wedding… when I should be working on my own game :stuck_out_tongue:

I know how you feel. I think I must’ve played Becky’s Binge like ten times now already :smiley:

On a positive note, both games are fairly short, so it shouldn’t effect game dev time too much, lol.

Wouldn’t be too bad… if I wasn’t already hooked on the Warcraft III remaster. I’m already having to limit myself to one hour per night on that or I’d get none of the new stuff done for the Weighting Game :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry to post on an answered thread, but I was just wondering what you did to get the size 16 shorts on in Anna’s Wedding. Even if putting on the large knickers and the shorts is the first thing I do, the game says “they look fit to burst, so you take them off.”

It is due to you not being full from the chocolate. You have to eat both chocolate or else the increased bulge from your stomach isn’t enough to do the job for you.
Another thing to note is the Blouse can only be broken if you wear it before eating any chocolate as Anna doesn’t want to smudge chocolate stains on it.

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@LeftHandManGary ^This^. Break the size 36 bra first, wear the size 40 bra, break the blouse, wear the size L underwear, eat the Twix and the Cadbury (I think the blouse gives you skittles to eat as well, which Anna eats automatically). Then you should be able to break the shorts. Also, don’t worry about posting here, I only put “Answered” so everyone knows the topic is resolved. I’m happy to help and answer questions or discuss things any time :slight_smile:

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Well i was checking out for some good hidden stuff that might be around this website, and i found this. But i wonder if there’s a specific path for becky’s binge because i can’t avoid the ending bug this game haves…