Becky's Binge question

Hey guys,

Don’t know if you guys remember machodummy’s game Becky’s Binge. I found it again recently and remember that there used to be a walkthrough on here to get a perfect score. Unfortunately, that was before the crash and it appears to be lost. Does anybody remember the correct sequence?

I have been looking for a link to play the game again haha

I found my old save that I believe could have the perfect score if your interested

Hello, I would also be interested in knowing the “ideal-sequential-walkthrough”, please, if it isn’t too much trouble!

Oh god it’s been so long. I can certainly try

Here ya go.

Look at Table
Eat Wotsits
Look at Bookcase
Read Robinson Crusoe
Open Wardrobe
Wear Size L Underwear
Wear Size XL Underwear
Wear Jeans
Wear T Shirt
Open Handbag
Open Purse
Take any Note
Eat Starmix
Use Hairbrush
Eat Biscuit
Go to kitchen
Eat Crisps
Open Cupboard Below the Sink
Take out Washing Bowl
Eat Packet of Biscuits
Open Fridge
Look at Vegetable Drawer x2
Put Lard in Frying Pan
Put Bacon in Pan x3
Put Sausage in Pan x3
Put eggs in pan
Put mushrooms in pan
Finish cooking
Eat breakfast
Go to Living Room
Sit on Sofa
Search through Unopened mail x2
Look at paper
Go to Parents Bedroom
Open Chest of Drawers
Go to Living Room and Log on to Laptop
Look at Dominos - Deals - Order Grande Italiano Deal
Speak to Driver
Sit on Sofa
Wear Blouse
Input code from paper (1309)
Wear Bracelet (do not eat chocolate)
Go to Living Room
Sit on Sofa
Log onto Laptop
Look at Instagram
Reply Your Profile
Go to Spare Room
Play Violin x3
Look at violin
Eat Tangfastics
Go to Bedroom
Eat all chocolate
Go to Living Room
Log onto Laptop
Look at Redtube
Look at Just Eat
Order Half Duck, Chow Mein, Onion Bhaji, Lamb Passanda, and Garlic Naan
Log Off and Speak to drivers
Sit on Sofa
Go to Kitchen
Open Cupboard
Drink Cooking Oil
Eat Lard
Look at Fruit bowl and eat all fruit
Go to Garage
Open cupboard and cake tin
Eat Pringles, Cake, and Creme Egg
Open Freezer
Open Fridge
Eat Ice Cream
Eat Cheesecake


AHH. Now I know what I missed. Thank you!!

The game kinda broke on me and eating ice cream led to a 3 year time skip, cheesecake still in my inventory being eaten brought it back to the near end but now with no way to progress.