Becky's Binge



21915 485 pounds did I do good


You did very good!


I managed to get to 350 lbs. this is surprisingly difficult, but entertaining none the less.


Hot damn, that’s a lot.


Where do I find the freezer key?


I must say I am enjoying this. It has a nice level of complexity that keeps you thinking. There are several events I’ve seen but haven’t managed to get them all in one play through, so my max is 419 so far.

I do have some questions (I’m not sure if some of these are bugs or features). Feel free to PM me if you don’t want to answer here.
[spoiler=gameplay that might not be obvious]

[ul][li]I can’t reliably get the small table to unlock. I’m not at all sure why.[/li]
[li]Sometimes I can find the pringles can in the garage, sometimes I can’t, despite having investigated the packed boxes.[/li]
[li]Is it possible to make use of the cornflour?[/li]
[li]Is it possible to get the mis-delivered Indian meal?[/li]
[li]The time delay before your parents return seems to sometimes last a few seconds, sometimes several minutes. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of time based delays, especially if you want to enjoy reading the long text of Becky’s binge.[/li][/ul]



I couldn’t finish the game because it wouldn’t allow me to eat the take-out… Also, is there actually a key to the freezer in the game, and can you eat the lard?

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