Becky's Binge



Hi everyone!

Seeing as people enjoyed Anna’s Wedding so much, I felt it was only right that I produce a follow-up. So here it is:

"Welcome to Becky’s Binge! You’re Becky Ross, an 18-year-old soon-to-be-university student from the south of England. Having recently realised your desire to gain weight, you’ve been spending the summer overeating with reckless abandon and packing pounds and inches onto your body. When a golden opportunity for a day of insane gluttony presents itself, it’s time to take full advantage…if you dare!


  • Multiple Endings
  • Explicit Sexual Content
  • Dynamic scoring system that tracks the number of calories you consume


  • All sizes are UK sizes (e.g. UK Size 10 = US Size 6, UK Size 12 = US Size 8 and so on)
  • Becky loves to eat, and it makes her feel good. Sometimes it makes her feel sexy, and the sexier she feels, the more determined she’s going to be to stuff herself. An excited Becky will unearth edible treasures from unlikely places…"

This isn’t a hard game to complete, but part of the fun is seeing how ridiculously stuffed you can make Becky. So let’s have a little friendly competition - when you finish the game, if you would like to I think it’d be cool if people post their scores in this thread and vie for supremacy!

If you spot any typos or something that doesn’t make sense then let me know - I’ve spent a lot of time on this but errors will always slip through the net. Similarly, I am British so if you find a foodstuff or cultural reference you’re not familiar with, I am more than happy to explain on request. I’m also available to hand out hints and tips on how to get Becky even bigger!

Happy playing!


And be assured, if anyone manages a perfect game I will tell them!


Really liked what I’ve played so far, one thing I’ve noticed is that you can get infinite cookies from looking at the bowl under the sink. Will get back when I finish the thing.


I love how much detail you put in pretty much everything! It shows that a lot of time and effort was put into this one. I think this story is leaps and bounds better than your last one in terms of it’s descriptions and story in general.


I too noticed the infinite cookies under the sink, which is why I realized that the higher sizes seem a little bugged (maybe they aren’t meant to be reachable?) But once you’re past a certain point, the description-text and events trigger after ever action, which traps you in the bathroom if you get over 22000. I ended the game at 22426, using the exploit, and at 485lb.


Thanks for the feedback - will try and fix these issues tonight :slight_smile:


Did a casual playthrough, avoided the exploit mentioned above. I know I botched some options. Ended at 12881 / 350lbs.


Both of these issue with the programming are now fixed :slight_smile:

So geekdragon’s 12,881 is now the score to beat?

Btw if anyone wants any clues about how to raise their score even higher, I am happy to nudge people in the right direction if they DM me (so as not to give spoilers to others!). Similarly, DM me if you would like any info about my inspirations for this, any hints for people looking to programme their own games etc. So glad people are liking this!

And of course, keep posting your scores in the thread!


I got 13,324.
And I think I screwed up the Indian food, so there still seems to be some potential to grow, here!


There’s actually still quite a bit of potential!

But great score - new leader atm :slight_smile:


Had a lot of trouble with glitches on my last couple playthroughs. I wish I could better pin down causes, but I observed the following weirdness:

  • Collected an order of Indian food from the driver. Once in the house, the sofa wouidn’t trigger the eating event. The food items remained in my inventory after watching TV. Oddly, they items offered an available action to “order”, which of course didn’t work.
  • Continued to get clarification messages about the key, even though it was already in my inventory.
  • I entered the garage during the final sequence, and the pringles can wouldn’t appear even though it was described in dialogue.
  • Got stuck in the kitchen during the finale. Presumably the same time as I should have hit the endgame sequence, the interpreter switched to all “can’t see that” and “can’t go there” message for everything in the kitchen.


Thanks for pointing those out, I’ll have a look tonight :slight_smile:

Did you manage to improve your score?


[quote=“machodummy, post:12, topic:1231”]Thanks for pointing those out, I’ll have a look tonight :slight_smile:

Did you manage to improve your score?[/quote]
Not by enough to retake the lead. Maybe next time. :slight_smile:


I believe in you! :smiley:

These aren’t glitches I spotted, but then I use the directional arrows not text input - maybe that has something to do with it? Will look for fixes anyway :slight_smile:


That was the especially weird thing – I didn’t use text entry. The directional arrows were causing the “can’t go there” messages. Just this once, so far. I broke it good.

Just reproduced the second-round takeout error.
Indian food starter, main, and side are in inventory. Sitting on sofa caused the money event, and then only the watch-TV line on subsequent sittings.
You can’t eat, and you can’t normally leave the room until you’ve eaten. Except: if you clear away pizza boxes, it warps you to the kitchen.


That is very very odd. See if it happens again I guess.

When you say “I entered the garage during the final sequence” and the Pringles wouldn’t appear, can you DM me details? (just to avoid spoiling the final sequence for others lol) :slight_smile:


My top is 20064, 446 lbs (not using any exploits, I think). Had the feeling it was in the upper end of the range, but not ‘max’. Well done putting this together!

[spoiler]I thought it was clever how the dynamic and character changes from ‘be sneaky, try to make sure to hide what you’ve done’ to ‘screw it, go for broke’.[/spoiler]


Wow, that’s an impressive score! But you’re right, not quite max…


I got 19024:446 lbs


Well done! Was that first time?