Been thinking about doing a fat/wg related ace attorney fangame for a while now, what engine should I use for it?

Title says all really, I’d prefer something that isn’t too hard to learn since I’m not the world’s best game dev, best I’ve done is an MS paint looking fnaf game when I was 13.

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I’d say, ace attorney is a visual novel, renpy is by far the most popular vn engine, use that unless you know why you need to use something else.


There are a few threads out there like this that have some people who are kind enough to point out some details about different engines. Like @echumxbiaoef for example kindly does from their own experience.

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Hmmm, well since it is a visual novel I guess Ren’Py could work, but from what I’ve seen I don’t know how well it could replicate the interactive elements of ace attorney, I don’t know how knowledgeable you are on any of these engines but do you have any idea if that could work? Maybe one of the other engines listed could work but there was no mention of how well they work for this type of game.

PyWright or Ace Attorney Online are the best options they are made for ace attorney fan games so they should work.

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