Beginning Phase 1 of the forum migration

Good day everyone! We have started phase 1 of the forum migration. Earlier this week I was able to successfully migrate the uploads to a S3 bucket from our test instance. Now we feel we have a good idea of how to do it reliably and some of the pitfalls we could encounter along the way.

Due to this I feel like we can begin moving forward with migrating the uploads on production this weekend. Unfortunately, to run some of the needed tasks we need to set some new environment variables and run the upgrade command on the site. This will take us offline for about 30-60 mins but the rest of the tasks can be run with the site up with minimal interruption.

Due to this we will be preforming maintenance on the site around 11pm MDT. As usual we will put out a notice an hour before we start.

Also, I am playing with a new project management tool called ClickUp. I wanted to check it out due to its ability to publicly share boards so we can more easily share the status and progress of our projects with the community. So below, you will see one of these boards incase you want to keep track of how everything is going.


Good luck with the migration/upgrade! Here’s to hoping everything goes smoothly and we all come back to a better Weight Gaming!


We will be starting maintenance in about 50 mins. As usual keep an eye on our twitter and discord for updates during any down time

Sorry for the late update. I unfortunately had a bit of an incident last night which forced me into the ER interrupting the migration.

I was able to finish the migration once I got back and while we hit some hickups it looks like it succeeded. I still need to verify some things quick but if everything goes well we should be able to move onto Phase 2. Worst case scenario we may have to revert back to the Friday backup but we will let everyone know if that happens.

Thank you all for your patience!


Hope you’re doing okay, sorry to hear about your ER visit. Health comes first for sure, but thank you for the update. I always appreciate the honesty and transparency that is shown here from the site management.