Belly Builder 2D (2nd WIP)

These are all the side variations available for a basic single-sectioned belly with no horizontal divisions or separations between upper and lower stomach.

Top Row: (for proportional body types where top width equals bottom width) straight sides, convex sides (Max width center), convex sides (max width upper), convex sides (max width lower)
2nd row: concave sides (min width center), concave sides (min width upper), concave sides (min width lower)
3rd row: (for body types with a wider top or bottom) straight sides (diagonal up), straight sides (diagonal down), convex sides (wide upper), convex sides (wide lower)
4th row: concave sides (wide upper), concave sides (wide lower)

If you select a belly with a horizontal marker(s) on it, then each section will get the same options as one whole side. For instance, if I wanted to do an hourglass shaped figure, I would select diagonal up sides for the upper region and then select diagonal down sides for the lower region, creating a > < outline. Conversely, if I wanted to do a diamond shaped body, I would do diag down for the upper region and then diag up for the lower region, creating a < > outline.

The top and bottoms will also be editable in a similar fashion. For a belly with no vertical lines or left/right regions, you’ll get a selection of flat horizontal lines (as seen here), a rounded curve (center only), or a pointed curve (that peaks at the center)

Also thinking of making the belly a turnaround model, meaning you can view it front a front profile and a side profile. Don’t plan on doing a back profile right away, but who knows? Maybe if this gets enough attention, I’ll add that feature as well